Channeling Session with Amaya

It is our hearts that lead; it is our souls that use our hearts to create an expressive manifestation of our magnificence in this world. This magnificence is never destroyed by any harm caused to our personality, psyche, or ego. It is the harm caused by generations of misunderstanding that has led to great violence for each of us internally. This blocks the quiet, not allowing us to come back to the stillness in order to create a healed and whole space.

When we come together for your session, we will spend a short time talking about why you have come for this work. Through conversation and body work, Heartspeak Healing will help you get to the root of your issues, bridging the gap between the spiritual and practical in order to make sense of your fear and pain. You will be guided through the next steps, or what needs to be done, in order to deal with the emotions that come up in your healing session.

Eat lightly before your healing and where comfortable clothing. It is not unusual to feel a little “out of it” after your healing. Heartspeak healing can be done in person or over Zoom.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is a form of healing that uses both earth-based energy and universal energy. Shamanic healing uses ritual as its basis, therefore tools are essential for this work. Rattles break up and move blocked, stagnant and resistant energy. Drums clear, clean, rebalance and bring back aspects of one’s self. Smudge purifies. Feathers and feather fans push away, release energy and bring freshness. Singing and toning will cause a rising up of all lower, held-down forms. These tools will be used at the discretion of Amaya.

Shamanic healing is used to break up negative emotions and confusion, helping you to be completely comfortable in your skin. It is also used to send those who have passed over, onward to the heavens. Eat lightly before your healing and wear comfortable clothing. It is not unusual to feel a little “out of it” after your healing. Shamanic healing can be done in-person, over Zoom (where it will be recorded and sent to client) or by phone (no recording).<