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Meet Amaya Victoria


Igniting the Magnifence of the Soul 


Amaya Victoria is a renowned healer and channeler of Isaiah and the Group – visionary for higher law and spiritual teaching. A natural empath and intuitive, Amaya has the gift of second sight. She looks beyond the limitations of the physical world in order to facilitate clarity, healing, truth, and peace on the personal as well as the cosmic stage. 


Amaya has been graced to be in the healing arts for over 42 years. In which she is deeply connected to Indigenous knowledge, medicine, and prophecy. Along with mastering work with crystals and crystalline energy, she connects to the guardians and ascended teachers or guides that realign our path here on the earth plane and shine a light through darkness. 


A mother earth messenger and protectress, Amaya supports you through her gifts in reclaiming your true essence by breaking down old and unconscious programming that has influenced your day-to-day life. With Amaya, you'll be guided and realigned to your highest potential as you remember to live and express in greater unity with divine order.

“There is a magnificence shining in each of us. This magnificence is eternal. This is our birthright, for magnificence is within all things large and small.”

~Amaya Victoria
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