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Meet Amaya Victoria


Amaya Victoria

Cultivating the Magnificence of the Soul

Amaya Victoria is a gifted channel and powerful healer. She is a clear channel for Divine Oracles, and offers group or individual channeling. Along with having been initiated and trained in the indigenous ways, she has a very deep connection with crystals and their healing properties. Amaya is a successful writer, radio and podcast host. She is also a facilitator of ceremonies, healing circles and spiritual development classes.

You are the magnificence that creation has wanted on earth, and this magnificence was bestowed upon all creation since the beginning of time. I have known the magnificence of spirit, God, people, and our world since I was a small child, and have seen spirit since I was young. I would go to my mother and ask her “to get the people out of my room.”

I was born into a household of severe dysfunction. Therefore, at seven years old, I suppressed my gifts, and attempted to cause them to go dormant. Yet, having come from a lineage of artists and intuits, my powerful gifts refused to go fully asleep. My gifts would present themselves in prophetic dreams and intuitive knowledge. At fifteen years old, being an avid reader, I went to the library and found my first book on reincarnation. The doors then opened for me.

I was told that if I had been born into an indigenous village or tribe, that at approximately five to seven years old the medicine people would have seen how deeply gifted I was, and I would have been taken from my family to be initiated so that my gifts would be fully developed. No need to worry, I was initiated; it was brought to me through my life experiences. In addition I have had the privilege of being taught by many powerful teachers and I have been in practice for over 35 years.

Because of these life experiences, I have developed into a woman of great strength, clarity, and direct response. As an elder, I have developed a vast wisdom, and an affluent knowledge of the profound workings of the universe. I am ready to transmit teachings that this world has never known nor seen in a very long time and am astutely connected to spirit, as well as deeply humbled to serve in this manner.

While I am completely aware of the great suffering that is still occurring in peoples’ lives and on this planet, my focus lies only on your magnificence.

I have a vision: a vision of the full release of humanity from its burdens and of the freedom that comes with this release.

I have a feeling: a feeling in my heart and soul that we are able to have peace.

I have knowledge: a knowledge that we all have, that which has been hidden from us until the time when we were ready to remember and that time is now!

It is not the small things that we all need to be worried about, but it is the big picture that we must reach for, and it is right here in our hearts.

“There is a magnificence shining in each of us. This magnificence is eternal. This is our birthright, for magnificence is within all things large and small.”

~Amaya Victoria
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