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Channeling Session with Amaya


Appointments scheduled for the same-day will be cancelled and rescheduled.

Uncover Your Next Stage of Growth


Personal sessions channeled with Isaiah are very complex and are filled with love and honesty. These sessions are extremely sacred, based on an in-depth understanding of your heart, life and soul. Isaiah is a group of master teachers, healers, angels, other souls who have lived on earth, and those close to the Godhead, all of whom have been specifically assigned to help teach and lift those who come before them into the next stages of their growth.

Isaiah may address your day-to-day concerns and questions; however more often, Isaiah will address the deeper issues that impact your life and potential. Working with Isaiah will help you have a healthier relationship with yourself and others, stimulate the connection between your higher and internal self, and guide you to your highest purpose. A channeling session is a way to interact and learn directly from a highly evolved soul group.

Amaya will take a deep breath, close her eyes and allow the connection with Isaiah to be established. Isaiah will initiate the conversation, and through this conversation, Isaiah will work through matters that are important to you, including latent emotional suffering that needs to be released as well as anything that has been brought into this life from a past life. At the end of the conversation, you may ask any questions that you still have. All personal sessions are recorded and sent to the individual as an MP4 file. Book your personal channeling session with Amaya, your channeling session can be done on Zoom or in person.