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Group Channeling through Amaya Center


Gathering of the Masters (Group Channeling) is offered in small groups (9 or less) or large groups (10 or more). 

Gathering of the Masters

A group channeling with Isaiah is on average two hours and lecture style. Isaiah is a group of master teachers, healers, angels, other souls who have lived on earth, and those close to the Godhead, all of whom have been specifically assigned to help teach and lift those who come before them into the next stages of their growth.

Coming to a group channeling is beneficial if you are curious about the spiritual, want to be involved in a community, and taught by a group of spiritual masters.

Isaiah will choose a topic, proceeding to give the group information that they see fit. Attendees will be given an opportunity to ask questions. Recordings will be available to purchase through the Amaya Center at a later date. Group channelings must consist of at least five people in person or online.

Amaya has conducted group channelings for dozens of people at venues such as Barnes and Noble and large spiritual trade shows, as well as small, private groups in the comfort of her clients’ homes.

$50 per person for groups of ten or more, $60 per person for groups of 9 or less.

Group Services 

Interested in Hosting a Group Channeling at Your Event?

For scheduling, contact for Gathering of Masters Group Channelings