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 Channeling Session with Amaya

Personal sessions channeled with Isaiah are very complex and are filled with love and honesty. These sessions are extremely sacred, based on an in-depth understanding of the individual’s heart, life and soul. These sessions can be deeply moving and life-changing.


Isaiah is an energy vortex that resides in the 9th to 12th dimensions.  Included in this council, are those who remain very close to the Godhead…master teachers, healers, angels, and others who have lived on earth, all of whom have been assigned to help teach and lift those who come before them into the next stages of their growth.


This council specifically designed a gathering of these levels of spirit and masters into one vortex, with the intent of being able to be understood by all walks of life and every level of existence. Therefore, this group is able to mitigate and change the frequency of an individual’s way of thinking through the vibration that they bring to the session. This can cause the individual’s life to move quickly through change and to have deep-seated issues resolved.


Amaya will take a deep breath, close her eyes and allow the connection with Isaiah to be established. Isaiah will initiate the conversation. Through this conversation, Isaiah will work through matters that are important to the individual, including latent emotional suffering that needs to be released.  At the end of the conversation, the individual may ask any questions that they still have.  Channeling can bring lightness, clarity, and freedom to the seeker’s life and is a very powerful experience.  All personal sessions are recorded and sent to the individual via an MP4 file.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is a form of healing that uses both earth-based energy and universal energy. Shamanic healing uses ritual as its basis, therefore tools are essential for this work. Rattles break up and move blocked, stagnant and resistant energy. Drums clear, clean, rebalance and bring back aspects of one’s self. Smudge purifies. Feathers and feather fans push away, release energy and bring freshness. Singing and toning will cause a rising up of all lower, held-down forms. These tools will be used at the discretion of Amaya.

Shamanic healing is used to break up negative emotions and confusion, helping you to be completely comfortable in your skin. It is also used to send those who have passed over, onward to the heavens. Eat lightly before your healing and wear comfortable clothing. It is not unusual to feel a little “out of it” after your healing. Shamanic healing can be done in-person, over Zoom (where it will be recorded and sent to client) or by phone (no recording).