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Heart Speak HEaling with Amaya


Appointments scheduled for the same-day will be cancelled and rescheduled.

Experience Heart Expansion: Come Back to Your Heart’s Natural State

It is our hearts that lead; it is our souls that use our hearts to create. Through energetic bodywork, Heart Speak Healing will help break down inert energy keeping you from your magnificence. 


In these sessions, Amaya will clear emotional buildup and patterns preventing you from expressing from the heart. Heart Speak Healing rewrites the narrative that our wounds define us, letting go of defensive behaviors and bringing the heart center back to its natural state. As a result, you'll experience the world with more peace of mind. 


Eat lightly before your healing and wear comfortable clothes. It is not unusual to feel a little "out of it" after your healing. 


Heart Speak healing can be done in person, on Zoom (where it will be recorded and sent to the client) or by phone (no recording).

  • One on One. Up to 1 Hour. Live In-Person or Zoom.

    185 US dollars
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