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Traditional Drums

VOICE OF THE DRUM with Amaya Victoria

Friday, December, 2, 2022 7-8:30PM Soulutions for Daily Living

Gather, immerse yourself in a chorus of drums, and expect miracles...


Since the beginning of time, we have used percussion to make music. For generations people have used drums to gather, to heal, and to open the portals between heaven and earth. During this circle we will be gifted and graced with an ancient indigenous practice. We invite you to gather with us as we accept the honor of building a relationship with our sacred drums.


Experience and Learn:

-Developing a sacred relationship with your drum

-Finding the drum that speaks to you

-Caretaking your drum

-Hearing the voice of your drum


Frame Drums optional. $25 Per Person; No one will be turned away! Bring your drum or simply experience the voices of the drums.

Call Soulutions at 215-968-9750 for more info or to RSVP!


Same Day Appointments Not Available. 

Please wait for a confirmation email from Amaya regarding your preferred appointment time you request at the time of your service booking and payment.



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Cultivating the Magnificence of the Soul

It is my immense pleasure to welcome you to the Amaya Center, a place that spirit has asked me to create to teach others about higher law for the sake of humanity.  “Amaya” means no veils, a high place, and spirit. “Center” means the sacred space within the circle where the heavens and earth meet and all directions converge to be released, resolved, and transformed.


Conclusion is now upon us. We are at the time where we will rise up and live as one community. We shall stand on the foundation of oneness and create further realities beyond our wildest dreams. The Amaya Center is a place of light, where individuals and groups come to develop their gifts as they are healed and taught, heralding in the regality of humanity.

~ Amaya Victoria



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