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The Elders

The Elders look upon us. Wait to see. Will we remember the priority? The earth, the land, the waters, the wind. Will we remember the children?

The Elders look after us. Will we relent? Our fear, anger, arrogance, our immaturity? For the whole?

The Elders pray for us. Will we listen? Be influenced? Follow? Be humbled to grow, learn, mature?

The Elders dance, sing for us. Now, all this talk of being empowered, please, no. It is time to be the blessings. To be the prayer and the love between, for and because of Heaven and Earth.

The Elders love us. See their tears, honor their wisdom. Power is the true ability to cooperate.

All the wounded children within who were never included. All these ones, know now that you get the chance to be excited without fear of ridicule or hurt. That you get the chance to smile without demoralization and rejection.

Take no power back. Offer your hearts to the elders, the earth, the Heavens, yourselves and each other.

Then, we shall be remembered as the ones who took the grave darkness, turned it into light for it to never come this way again.

The Elders say"Go amongst the trees, they hold the memories. Come back and tell us what you heard, saw, and found."

The Elders know, wait, sing, dance, weep and love us.

~ Amaya Victoria

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