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Today Our Second Mother. Kuan Yin.

From Kuan Yin to all of us.

EARTH!! Sweet scent of Rose Petals, this is the smell of your breath, when your heart and thoughts are pure.

Impureness is not being unspiritual, un anything. Impure is not real. It is not there. Your breath is like Rose Petals.

You and others want the foulness so you may be able to cry.

I the one who carries your hearts. I, say, smell the sweet smell and cry in sorrow for the war (wars) inside and out.

Cry for the children, cry for a tomorrow. The dragon is objective and fierce. True in it's fire.

I am on the lotus flower to show that water can hold a flower with roots.

Be like water. Be like dragon. Be like a cupped hand. Be like heart.

A Bodhisattva, be like that. Compassion passion.

Love that understands suffering, be like that.

The Fire Dragon Lady, am, not, all, that. I am the Water Goddess.

I am the Mother of Compassion. be like that. Your hearts long for a mother to fill you with the fierce and sorrowful, joyful, wonderous love. Be in that.

Mothers, be like me. Daughters, be with your mothers. Sons, be with your mothers. Be like that, so this, here, will become like that to over take the dragon of hate and death.

I am the Mother of Death, fire not that. The dragon of hate, makes death a suffering. The moment of it, be it a relief. Be like this, life only, love only, birth only and be like that with all.

WAR!! IS YOUR BEING LIKE IT! Be like the dragon, burn what is not useful. Cull away the structures, that are like safety, yet are prisons.

Be like this.

Breath in me, your mind filling with the fragrance of the Lady of the Roses. Then be only of that. I am coming back to be like that, this and always. Be like that too! Kuan Yin.

Channeled by Amaya Victoria

@COPYRIGHT2022 All Rights Reserved by Amaya Victoria

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