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This is the Calling for the End of All War


The Lady of the Dragon is coming back to be known. Benevolent, woman of compassion. The one who hears the cries of the people. Let the flutes of the Heron sing. Let the wind off the ocean be. Let the Mother of compassion, Show herself again.

-Amaya Victoria

I am laying on my back on a yoga mat, amongst a large group of men and women. The date is April 2020. The elder is on the platform sounding the crystal bowls. An ancient soul begins to sing through him. A chant of words I know deep in my heart.

I am in the river of a sound healing, my eyes are closed, I can sense the room, and yet I feel far away from it all. I realize I am 'looking' to my left, and the south wall of the room has faded away. I am peering at the edge of a horizon. I know over this horizon is a city. As I watch, I hear and feel a large combustion. An atomic bomb cloud rises up.

Startled, in my being I ask, "Where? What is this?" A hot wind is blowing about two feet above my face as I lay praying in this large room. I begin to cry. Fiery and powerful, the wind moves left to right. I think, “Oh God, it is going all around the world.”

Every which way it can, the darkness is carrying on to lay waste, cause havoc, consume and annihilate, hoping to send us back to primitive ways. Here, almost two years later, we stand at the edge of a great and grand war. I ask you to 'change the channel'. Put on the sounding of crystal bowls, Om-ing, Hz music, ionic toning. Fill your head and your being with the frequency of light.

This is the calling for the end of all war

There is no time to find the war within yourselves and each other, for the world screams in pain even as I write this. People are on the move, moving out of harm’s way. Borders, where one country begins and another ends, are blurring as human kind move toward each other. It is now we must find the pain, the addiction, the hatred and sorrow in the whole, in the community.

In 1999 I channeled"The light and the dark shall split.” In 2010, when asked about the coming of the end times, Isaiah and the Group stated “We see this is a split, a tearing at the seam, an opening. For any good tailor knows when a seam is incorrectly placed, it must be torn open, away from itself to be re-seamed correctly.” Well, is it not true that most of us have come to the end of our seams? They have burst, split and opened.

There has been great preparation for these coming times.

First, we have all the women who have spent years opening doors and portals for the Heavens to circle the wagons.

Second, those so assigned will go forward like running buffalo kicking up a dust storm, forcing these war-like beings to put their arms up to protect themselves and their faces. Like a tribe of wild banshees, they will make it so these beings are entrapped in the center of a circle.

Third, the center of the circle will be the old way. Around this powerful center will be the dancers for freedom, truth and justice. Around them will be the sages, the scholars, the wise ones. Around them will be the singers, the pray-ers; the door holders for the light. Around them will be the elders and the children.

And, around it all, will be the smiling song of spirit and God.

This, from Covid to War, is meant to happen, to force us to find the tear; the open sore within all community. To wash the bodies and to pray over both friend and foe.

Here is the truth: It’s not about war. It is about love and community. Let us not falter. Let us weep and pray. There is a great hot wind upon us. Let us stand strong and not allow this to happen ever again.

~Amaya Victoria

There are those who are trying to set the world on fire. We are in danger. There is time only to work slowly. There is no time not to love. We are once again, in a conflagration, once again at war. Once again, we must find the heart of peace, even now put out the fires. Even those in our hearts. ~ Deena Metzger

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Muito verdade, muito cosciente. Gostei muito !

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