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Mama Pechu

We are in treacherous times. She can heal quickly and regain paradise.

ln this distraction is the need of the dark lords to lap up our fear. To predetermine the right use of will. To take away any thoughts of true reason and freedom. The days of landlord, and serf are trying to die. The battle is on. All deceit and lying will be shown. All misrepresentation of the truth shall be rolled out.

The rising of the frequency of prayers from the universal conception is causing the "bottom to drop out" of the darkness.

It may not appear so and it is the truth. We are in treacherous times. For, Mama Pechu, is on the move. She gave us a shot across the bow, as she used the dark lords to shut up down. Hoping to show us, that she is the kin we need. That she can heal quickly and regain paradise.

Mama Pechu was quite willing to teach us how to live in paradise once again. Within the laws that govern life giving. Not life taking.

To become the offering of all things. Now, Mama Pechu is going to roar, and roar.

We will be laid low. Losing what we think is important, facing the deepest and oldest terror, survival.

In this then, WE CANNOT GET CAUGHT UP WITH THE DARK LORDS. For they want nothing more than the destruction of anything sane.

Find you tobacco, sage, prayers. Get out on the land, ask for guidance and help.

Let's go, the time is now. For the children, always for the children.


~Amaya Victoria

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