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Messages to the World Radio Show Podcast: 9/10/2014

Join Amaya and her special guest, Presence Tarika Brandt in a very interesting discussion about sacred singing, sound, healing, and finding ones purpose in life. This episode originally aired on Wednesday September 10th, 2014. Listen, comment and please share!

Tarika is the founder of Sacred Singing and holds various events throughout Los Angeles as well as the US. Tarika is an experienced actress and singer songwriter. “Sacred Singing was a response to a need I saw for a positive, musical influence and for bringing together community in mutual support of raising our vibratory energy, in a creative, nurturing, and ambient musical environment. Music is such a powerful cleansing and healing agent and when we listen to and/or sing certain lyrics over and over again, they begin to inform our thinking. Singing sanskrit is certainly one way to raise ones vibrational energy, and there’s something powerful about singing affirmations and healing prayers that are in the language we use daily, and that thus informs not only our thinking, but also the way we move in the world”.

You can learn more about Tarika and the various things she does by visiting these links:

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