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Oh! How We Love The Great Mother


Mother, sing me a song That will ease my pain Mend broken bones Bring wholeness again Catch my babies When they are born Sing my death song Teach me how to mourn

Show me the Medicine Of the healing herbs The value of spirit The way I can serve

Mother, heal my heart So that I can see The gifts of yours That can live through me.OH!  HOW WE LOVE THE GREAT MOTHERSo, what I have been seeing and watching in my travels, in the work I am doing with others is this resounding love that is coming up in my groups when I work with them on the issue’s and meditations for Mother Earth.

For instance, I had the privilege in April to go to Hawaii. While I was in Hawaii I presented a workshop on prayer and meditation. At one point in the workshop I began to build a prayer for Mother Earth, and within the prayerful state I also facilitated taking the group into a meditative state.

In this place of deep prayer and meditation I prayed with the group to Mother Earth for its/her healing. I asked the group to go with me and to give the Great Mother great reverence, gratitude and love. I asked the group to remember how much they loved the Earth. How much the Earth loved them, how much we were all connected to the creation of this planet in the physical.

And, like never before when the group came back to a non-altered state after the prayer and meditation there was such tears and grief for this place, such deep emotions exuding from the participants of this group. I saw such deep love on their faces, in their body language. I felt such deep regret, grief and longing for the welfare of the earth coming from them. I felt and saw such deep longing to love this place, this earth again without fear and in deep joy.

I was astounded and deeply, deeply touched. My friends we have not lost ourselves, not at all. We have not lost each other, not at all. We have not lost our earth, not at all.

This place is paradise, Earth is our great Mother. She loves us without condition, she takes from us all that we give her both great and not so great. She has stayed alive and has wanted us to flourish for generations, eon’s, years.

Years ago, I was working with a Shaman, and in our work together he would have me lay down on the bed he had set up for his healing work and drum over me. After a year or so of working with him, in one of the sessions he stopped drumming and looked down at me and said to me, looking me in the eyes. “Now it is time for you to go to and deep into mother earth”.

I began to scream in terror. For my life on this planet had instilled in me a deep pain, an agony about being grounded on mother earth. I was afraid to do so, for my being on earth had only been torture when I was young, agony. I was set upon by other humans in a way that was torturous, beyond words or imagination.

I was terrified over the thought, the commitment to merge with the great mother again. Yet, the truth be told, it was not the Great Mother that tortured me, no it was not. Yet, I related it to her because it was HERE on earth that it occurred.

And so given the truth about the above statements the task was then for me to come back to the great mother. It had to be, it made sense, I could not flourish on this planet truly until each step I took was safe. I could not have peace and know love until I could walk on this place in the deep embrace of the great mother’s love. I could not be in the moment, present, looking out of my eye’s to the world until this piece, this love was back in place and deeply re-established. Needless to say it took a few sessions for the true healing between me and the great mother to truly begin. After I finished working with this Shaman, I moved away to Santa Fe ,his work was taken over by the Great Mother herself, and by several other earth teachers and healers.

And today I can truly say I am deeply grounded to, connected with and in love with and of the Great Mother. I am not burdened by any sorrows that go on  her, nor do I fear for her life. I know she is well and alive! I know that she knows what she is doing for herself and for us, her children. For we are the complete and pure marriage between heaven and earth, it is a fact, we are a mixture of earth (the physical) and heaven (the spiritual.) We are a magnificent and glorious creation of both realities.

Our great mother is an entity unto herself; she has flourished without our help for many, many lifetimes. She can take anything including death and turn it to life once again.

For it has been a tradition, habit, and technique for healing within the indigenous cultures that when someone had deep grief, hurt, anger etc. they were encouraged to go to the earth, dig a deep hole and vent all of their emotions into the great mother. They would then cover the hole up in the surety that the great mother would take away this suffering and transform it back to life.

Whenever I travel to Sedona, taking my 22” frame drum with me and I go into one of the energy vortex’s people gather, people I do not know, people drawn to my drum and the resonance that comes from it. My drum’s voice, for my drums voice speaks to the Great Mother, speaks to the heavens, and causes a communion here in the middle world, here in the middle space bring heaven to earth, bringing the people back to the great mother to a place of deep healing, and influx of great love.

These people sit on the red-rock and I drum, as I drum the Great Mother reaches up and cups, cradles, envelops the people in her love. In doing so, the people not only heal, the give back to the mother healing energy. We are the generators to feeding the Great Mother.

So, those people in that workshop in Hawaii were a microcosm in the hearts of so many. Those people who sit with me on the red rock are the desire of love of so many.  My dear friends, my family, those who are my comrades as we walk together on this Great place, please know that we are so connected to this home, we are so connected to earth.

As you are reading this is it for any of you this feeling of longing, of soft want, of a memory of great love for this place?

This place is our home; this place is as sacred and as important as our “home” in spirit. I saw it my friends, I saw it on the faces of those people in Hawaii in the workshop. And they are all of us, we LOVE the earth. There was once a time when as a child each of you were in wonder of this place. In wonder of all the elements, in wonder of its beauty, in wonder of its aura and feel. So like a child again it is okay, it is just so okay to be happy here on earth.

Like those people in that workshop, it is time to come back to your hearts, in relationship to your love for the Great Mother. She not only wants that from us, she wants that for us, I believe only in this emotional and visceral memory will we truly find peace within ourselves completely. Equally so we will finally know we are safe here on earth, finally make it home and therefore the only reasonable outcome can be that we will not only need, we will WANT only peace on earth.

My blessing to each of you. May your feet dance now upon our Mother. May your heart rejoice in freedom and may your soul now sing to all that is.


My love to each of you,


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