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Stay Away From the Edges of Dark

Stay away from the edges of dark; dark thoughts, dark beliefs, dark desires. Stay away from this ego separation that continues to want us to hate each other, in every turn. Move now through the fog.

Remember, THE....LOVE....THE....TRUTH....THE WAY.....For the Great I AM must lead, not inside of each of us. Now we must hone our vision and see the light. See the light. The FATHER (heaven), SON (light of GOD,) THE HOLY GHOST (the coming of a new life.)

This is a precarious time. Do not be tricked by all that this reality wants you to believe is true. Do you remember as a child, how you knew of a wondrous moment. The chuckle under your breath, the love for the wind, the sun, the rain, the earth, the snow. Be still now, and ask for GOD to come.

~ Amaya Victoria

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