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A Gentle Wind

Is not what we are getting. There is a hard wind blowing.

Can you see now why it is imperative to be deeply connected to your own soul, what we shall call your intuition? This value, that what we use the word intuition for, is not about the lottery, knowing your new job, relationship or family affairs. Those are just ways to feel safe and secure again, but it is grasping at straws.

The greatest disservice that one does to one’s self is to only use one’s intuition for the basics, and to be amazed at the side show tricks it can do.

What we speak of now is the development into yourself. To use the truthful movement of intuition in correct position because you are guided by your soul.

We are in the times of this great necessity. In 1999 we channeled this, “You worry that the government will collapse the created structure of caste and control, and it will be the reason for great destruction of humanity. We tell you now that this will not be the case. That it will be your earth whom will call your attention to it. From it will come the great changes, floods, air stream control, that will cause tornadoes and hurricanes. Your earth will quake.

It will be the earth that will take over here, and your governments will become a non-sector.

It will take this level of huge movement to get your attention. The attention that you have been developing quietly, yet earnestly over the last thirty years.”

Now the time has come to unfurl the sails, and take the ship out to sea. We speak now about these times. The ring of fire is coming to full force. Listen, ask, and take action. The heavens and earth are talking loudly.

Is this the end of human life? Or the beginning of a society based on unity, cooperation, soul intuition, and light. In this moment take a deep breath; center one’s self. For the hugeness of this paradigm shift is moving quickly upon you.

Inside is the heavens, outside is the earth. Open, blessed beings. Let what you carry within you, which is the heavens, spill upon the earth, so reality of the seventh dimension (earth) will become as valued as the heavens by the people. That in good and in trying times no judgement shall prevail about being human. Judgement cannot so occur when being human means you are the heavens incarnate.

Long no more to go home, you are the home of the heavens. You are already home. Death is only departure, not ending. The dynamic of this insane need to die or kill, killing for no sustainable reason, will stop for you. You will find you cannot kill what you love.

Nor would you kill the great creation, which you carry as part of in you all day, every day of your lives.

When I lived in Santa Fe, NM, I interviewed a woman to work for me in the office. She had terrible pain in her leg and hip. I asked if she would like help to at least alleviate the pain, her response to me was strong and quick, “I am God!” Before you laugh, she did not mean this in a way of her having a messianic complex. Her belief was that GOD was within her, therefore she needed no outside help, for basically anything.

I take real issue with this statement and belief system. From what I see, from what I know, from what I have experienced, THERE IS NO WAY IN HADES THAT GOD WANTS US TO DO THIS WITHOUT HELP. For me that is true hell. In this belief is such underlying isolation, arrogance, fear and judgement.


President Donald Trump is addressing the United Nations. In his address President Trump warns that the United States of America may have to “totally” destroy North Korea.

I read this and think to myself ‘you have got to be kidding me’. Destroy North Korea? Who do we think we are? I am not privileged to all the ins and outs of this issue. Whether Chairman Kim Jong-Un deserves to be destroyed. Whether President Trump is a maniac, or deserves to destroy North Korea. I have not gone to see if there is a agreement between these two people via Karma, or Dharma.

All I know is that the North Koreans have children too. All I know is that we, all of us, in every state, country, and nation must cease in this old paradigm of them and us. It is our responsibility to rise up. Many years ago when we were in the middle of the Cold War, when Russia was our “enemy”, Sting wrote a song called “Russians love their Children Too”.

We are in the same place once again. The concept of similarity and connecting to the similarities is the primary goal of learning among the people of earth at this time. We must take a breath, and LOOK at each other. This is not about changing, we do not have to change what is in us already, this is about living as we know, deep within our greatness as human beings.

In addition, with all of this ill intent, I watch as good men and women in the government, and the constitution of the United States blocks this old structure again and again.

The ending of this malignancy is now.


I do not read the newspaper, nor watch the news. I open up Facebook. There is a post, then another post, and then another………


I lose my breath. In disbelief I read on. Then I begin to pray. I am praying for the people killed, those injured, the thousands of people harmed by this shooting that are related by blood or love to these people. I pray for the madman, surely one must be driven out of sanity to have done such actions. The shooter; who would wash his body, who would say prayers and blessings over him?

In the indigenous culture, the village or tribe would gather in council to witness, and find the wound that caused such a horrendous act. The question asked would be what wound caused this action? This question asked would not be just posed to the ones so harmed, or the one or ones who have harmed, this question would be poised to the whole village or tribe. It would be thought that this wound had a beginning somewhere within the primary culture. The whole village would be willing to root out the cause and heal the effect.

This man’s actions are a cry out, a call to the soul sickness of our governing societies. The level of isolation, lack of village, community and caring is so profoundly shown in this man.

We keep trying to put back into place an archaic unworkable habit, attempting to place it into a square hole. It is driving people out of their minds. In addition, we of the United States of America have profoundly damaged the earth, other countries, and this world with war. The universe is objective; it only knows balance. Therefore, balance must be struck.

We here in this country have not lived under the siege of all-out war. We have not experienced in a day to day fashion the level of grief, terror, death, and trauma that comes with war. Faster and faster we are beginning to taste what war feels like. The internal consequences of this shooting must be dwelt upon.

Are we tired enough of this way of living? How shall we serve, how shall we live?

Stories and pictures begin to appear online. Of men and women saving lives. Holding others and weeping. Loving and caring without thought whether they should or not. THIS IS THE TRUE LESSON. Our responsibility is to expand this lesson in any and every way possible.


I am sitting in Starbucks, writing. The place is hopping, many people are speaking. The woman sitting in a chair in front of me has her laptop propped up, her screen is divided in four sections she is having a conference call with three other people; very cool. 

I look down at my blank piece of paper, ready to write about anxiety, depression and fear. I jump what feels like five feet off my chair as ALL the cell phones begin blaring that warning tone of emergency. Wild fires in East Orange County, Anaheim and several other counties I do not know. This is not even two hours after I heard of and watch the wine country of California burst into flames. Someone says “Anaheim is burning.” We are on fire here in California. There is an unstoppable voice now crying out. We are being forced to become the prayer from the heavens to us; one! One way, one community, one life, with many ways of living and being within it.  The heavens and the earth are going to collide. There will be no more parallel living. All will be made right.

People respond; opening their doors. Putting up posts, calling for nurses, doctors for the attending hospitals. All of us are feeling it, feeling the breakdown of what we hold as familiar.

The wind blows hard now. We take it to our faces, our backs, our souls. No more gentle wind for a bit. Let this hard wind become blessed, so the stories told by the generations after us will call us the generation who took the darkness and brought it to the light, so that this darkness will be no more.

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