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Arise The Egyptian Queen

A parasite plagues the land. Its tentacles move far and wide. The people, bound in the throes of hierarchy, Babylon, and a writhing ritual attempting to covet the favor of the GODS for their own pleasure, have created an altar. A priest and priestess-hood that plays out in overheated temples, filled with the clouting smoke from tar torches and frankincense. Light casts shadows from the statues standing in their silent watch as images from the hieroglyphics dance on the walls of the ornate, bloated temples of Egypt.

Oh, these walls of Egypt were birthed from the teachings from the Islands of Atlantis and Lemuria. The Pharaohs and the Pharisees were embedded with the genetic webbing of Africa, India, Asia, and of the stars, Sirius and Pleiades.

The beauty of the creation of this culture and its light technology was unbridled and ahead of its time. The warm currents of wind from the south pick up the sweet smell of the river Nile, the lotus flower and papyrus reed. Many years ago I walked along the edge of this river, muddy in so many places due to the rich silt of soil on the bottom of the river. In the distance I hear a Lyre being played. A woman’s sweet voice sings praise in harmony to the notes being plucked from the instrument.

I was a child when the first pyramid began to be created. Yes, Ethiopians and Hebrews were the slaves that cut, moved and lifted the stone along with the help of our brethren from Sirius and Arcturus. Great ships in the sky would open at their bottoms and shafts of light would roar out of the portals, lifting, turning into place the perfectly cut stone. Sometimes, in great silence the stones would be lifted and slid into place. Sometimes, there would be huge combusts of sound as the stones were moved.

I was told that the Pyramids were built to hold our beloved royalties remains for when they would be back to collect themselves and their belongings. Yet, the priest-hood knew more. Each Pyramid had another purpose. Inside each pyramid was a sound chamber, and each pyramid was constructed in exact position to the station of the stars above, to the sun, and to the moon. They were to be used for generators of energy, and communication systems with our friends from the heavens.

As I grew I became aware that each day the priest-hood would gather for prayers, worship and ritual. Twice a week there would be specific communion. One was for the people, one for the activation and use of the pyramids, where many would gather, along with the priest-hood and royalty.

For a very long time the beauty and connection between the temples, the pyramids and the stars were aligned. Then things changed. Those of royalty became greedy and indulgent as overlords for my beloved Egypt. There had always been the poor; the servants and slaves. What was the downfall was when the royal ones began to dip into the priesthood, changing, darkening the sacred rites of birth, life and passage from this world. Intent, in their greed, to make it about gold and accumulation.

Then the plague was upon us. This plague was so massive. It was a physical ailment, as well as a greed that caused economic poverty. It shut down the pyramids and their active energy work for Egypt, Asia, Africa, Europe and Mesopotamian. The four great pyramids were deactivated from the lack of spiritual ritual and priesthood. The Hathors’ and Sirians’ time of the greatness went into the dark ages.

The people became lost, and without guidance of their true DNA purpose, silence has reigned the land of my beloved Egypt for centuries now. Barren, a lost temple, it has sat and waited for this time.

I was an old man when the temples stopped singing and the pyramids stopped humming. I died in the same way the pyramids went-silent, in a veil of darkness and heavy quiet. Great War has come so many times to my beloved land of Egypt, Palestine and Israel. Yet, this time of darkness has been the balance to start again.

MARCH 2020

A great plague has erupted on earth. The whole earth is under siege and unrest. This plague has been birthed out of a sleeping monster, a dark entity that has been allowed to develop because of the lack, or perhaps in spite of the lack, of true spiritual investment.

It appears as a virus that is said to have and will kill millions of people. This is the first time in my 64 years on this planet that I experienced a lock down. On March 19th of 2020, Governor Newsom activated a stay in place order.

California came to a screeching halt. I was given a time to rest, heal and regain balance. The earth was given a chance to begin a much need healing.

A black man is murdered on camera for the world to witness and feel. I watch on Facebook as a white man, a man of the law, bearing his weight down, holds his knee on this man, George Floyd’s neck. I have had three neck surgeries, I know what the police officer is compressing and breaking in George’s neck.

I am weeping openly, yelling at the computer screen for the police officer to stop, that he is killing him. The police officer crushes this man’s trachea and breaks his cervical spine. No way would anyone survive this.

That night I am on a planned zoom dinner gathering with eight other women, several of them black. I am crying, my heart feels like it has been ripped out of my chest. Two of the black women tell me, that this happens to their culture all the time. I say “All the time?” Looking at me, with great sadness in their eyes they both shake their heads yes and say “All the time.” I am totally aghast by the magnitude of this.

The protesting begins, then the rioting. I will not go any further than to say we must not allow the dark lords to take our suffering and turn it against ourselves and each other. I only say this much because anything else would be my own personal opinion and need. This is not my place in this world for my service and ministry.

What I can say is that this plague is deep, dark and multi-layered. Brought on by the prayers for penitence, honesty and healing. The light finally was able to penetrate the cracks. Miraculously, the power of the light, the prayers of so many, began to cause a coming down of long unstable structures and walls.

The temples have been bastardized, bloated by greed, choking on its own soot. The priest-hood of this has separated from the portals of energy that are to drive, create and cause a transformation of our reality.

Queen Corona, the crown plague, the great activator of the crown chakra, the great equalizer, has opened the door to a great darkness that has been, much to its own malicious pleasure, undermining and poisoning the sweetness of our societies. Brought on by our ancestors greed, fear and gluttonies, by the “royalties” desire and ability, so they have thought, to control, deceive and take what they want.

Made 10 times 10,000 so prevalent by the prayers and wondrous desires of the priest and priestess-hood of all the circles, classes, healings and teaching, so the potential of a new world would be in our vision. These times are truly dangerous, and must be taken seriously, for we are at the tipping point. How do we navigate this time of treacherous waters without letting our posturing egos get in the way? How do we come back to the temples of true holiness? How do we clear the altars so ritual and prayer become the song of the harmony we shall all embody? How do we endure many dying, handle our anger, grief, outrage and sorrow?

How do we weather this tsunami? For more is coming, we are not out of this yet.

First, allow a conscious and precise tear down of what is dark and poisonous. Second, we remember how much we love. Start with your family, your friends. Then, counter the far reaching tentacles of this plague by remembering that this is the awakening we so have suffered for. Lay down your swords, keep them close certainly, for there shall be many situations and individuals that must be held at swords length, but lay down your swords toward your brethren.

Weep and pray deeply. Take time to heal, find solitude for rest and solace. Remember, we all have our own personal lessons in all of this. Let this rage dissipate.

Here is the most major of all the tasks. This is the activation of Egypt, Mesopotamian, Sirius and Arcturus.

Therefore the Giza Necropolis is getting ready to reactivate. There is a great time for all healers, teachers, and channels to come back to their holiness, to be in the eye of the storm. take notice of the times, yet open up your altars, do ritual, pray, create or go to sound chambers. Bring the didgeridoos, the rams horns, the conch shells, the voices of the Hathor’s. Herald the new world.

Do this together in large groups. Make whole your communities. Let those who remember the way lead you all home.

Egypt, Peru, Sedona, Mexico will be off limits for a bit of time as they lay waste to that that was layered on them. After the great activation of Giza Necropolis, the Pyramids in Mexico, Peru, Italy, Sudan, and China shall activate. After this, all hidden or lost Pyramids will activate.

This activation is to restart the grid across and around the earth. In this activation there will be a “reaching out” affect to all the constellations that are visible to all on earth, then moving to the center of the earth to destabilize and then reset its rotation, ending with the opening of the educational portals from deep within our DNA to connect and harmonize with those of the galactic council.

Taking all of this into consideration. How could this plague be small? This is do or die time, literally. And the truth is we have been plagued for so long, we really are not to be surprised that it finally manifested into reality.

We were made for this time. We can do this. Look beyond what you are being told, listen deep and well. Let’s go, for actually we are being prepared, if we do this right, for a great party.

I walk with you all through the last upheaval of the diseased darkness into the light.

~Amaya Victoria

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