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Here Come the Coyotes

The coyote signifies the answers to your problems that often come in ways and forms you least expect.

I am living in Santa Fe, NM. My life here is tumultuous to say the least. All that I have held dear is gone. All relationships that I have clung to are gone. Everything I had planned to happen has not. Everything I did not see coming has occurred. I’ve experienced powerful lessons, stripping me down to uncover the unhealthy drive of fear, identity, separateness and self-hatred; my inability to be. To be truly caring and generous. Santa Fe is hard on me, as it well needs to be for my survival, life and future.

I am driving home from the office toward my home on Soaring Eagle Lane. To my right is a sloped grassy area. I see slightly ahead of me a coyote loping along. As I catch up to the coyote, it stops and turns to look at me. We lock eyes. Great stillness. I speak to it saying, “Hello, what do you have to tell me? You are so beautiful.” She moves towards my car, comes up to the open passenger window and stops. In this profound moment I know that coyote energy is teaching me.

Fast forward eight years. A coyote stands in the middle of the Ralph’s parking lot here in Aliso Viejo, CA. It is midnight. He/she stops his/her loping across the parking lot, stands there looking furlong and alone. I am amazed, somewhat startled, and sad. We have encroached on these animals’ territory. Then we become upset and frightened when they wind up in our back yard.

Coyote energy. I am being shown the need to allow the trickster to take over and lead me out of my own fear and restraints. Even more, everything I see, all that I live is not as I perceive it. Every direction I am being taken has a different reason than how I have been coaxed into the experience.

So, here come the Coyotes. We are in great times. So the Angels, the Over Souls, the Heavens, the 7 to 12 realities of GODS are upon us in a way that has not been known. We, our spirits and souls, are leading us to places and people, coaxing us along, for what appears to be one reason, yet in the end, is for a totally different reason.

Expect the unexpected. I could go on and on about all the earth changes, all the dire and even necessary issues that need to be spoken about. Let me speak to you about the grace and mercy that is encompassing all of this. That every experience, even the hard, painful ones are engulfed in the influence of good. The nature of our essence, the nature of the higher ways is to take all experience, take out the suffering, unnecessary behavior and leave the rest.

Our task is to take the experience and FIND the goodness in it.

Everything is connected to everything. Have we caused such a great imbalance that the world literally needs to turn on its axis? We, souls of a greater unidentifiable source, have incarnated during a time of great excess, fear and greed that is kicking up our guilt, confusion, and fear. Uncovering for many of us our strength, purpose, humanity and connection to each other.

We have been moving toward these times and realities for over 30 years. The difficulty has been the releasing of limited ego. Now, we must grow. We must come into the places where we serve each other.

I write here that we are not alone in this. We have a mass influx of heavenly energy. Of the angels, guardians, guides and master spirits to lead us for a bit. Until we master walking together in community.

So here come the coyotes, though not in deception. Here come the coyotes to get around our minds and limited egos, to get to the truth. Here they come, welcome them in.

Here are two suggested assignments:

  1. A meditation in which you still yourself and reach up towards the higher realms and self. 20 minutes a day every day

  2. A meditation in which you get in touch with your soul grid, to strengthen you for these days of great transmutation.

Would it not be apropos that Metatron would ask to be presented during this great time. Metatron is the Arch Angel that you depend on when you are making dramatic shifts. We are making dramatic shifts beyond measure, a scope of change that will kill off all deception and greed. A range that will cause the truth to come out, all of it, about all of it. Now is the time to trust.

Metatron states this: “Akin my brethren Michael, I too carry a sword. It sits loosely in my right hand. My arm hangs low and relaxed, holding it close to my thigh. My power is in the jeweled sceptre that I hold up to the left of my face, so that it may shine into the darkness with the power of royalty and authority. My children, men and women, please stop. Survival is frightening you.”

“This will weaken you so that as a collective you will have a more difficult time becoming the wave of cleanliness that now must sweep your reality. I bring to you centeredness. I bring to you power of the Kings. Temper all intensity. Pray for salvation in the name of the greatest of all, God and creation itself. You can do this. I am here to help. Call me fully into all of consciousness. Michael will come later. Let me be the one now to help.”

The necessity for purification is upon us. As this occurs we will have the bandwidth to “rise up” into the esoteric realms. Spirit is abound. Pray, for prayers are akin to holding hands. Hold the hands of spirit tightly, it will become a natural way to live for us all, and finally peace shall come to earth. 

~ Amaya Victoria

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