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And Now You Will Know

Oh beholden ones. You, masters of the mind, and now the heart. A mixture of many lifetimes, backgrounds, genetics, influences, prayers, desires, and dreams. You, the child that looks out at the night sky in wonder. You, the girl who cries easily. You, the boy who loves deeply. You, you beautiful people, you. We, you who call masters, we come to you now to help you navigate the most perilous, precious, and necessary times of your lives; of this decade. Many of you say “Let us just get through this and then we can get back to normalcy.” What shall normalcy be then? This time will be filled with the lessons to create a new normal. OPEN YOUR HEARTS, your homes, your lives to each other. Open now, open. We, the one’s you call masters, WE are here. Let us help. ~Amaya Victoria

From Spirit to all of us: NOW YOU WILL KNOW Now you will know what it is to be like us Now you will know what it is to be like us Now you will know about energy and frequency Now you will know about emotions Now you will know that no matter what happens heaven shall come to earth.

Let us further the above writing. Since the beginning of the timeline of inspiration, initiation, inception and growth of the reality you call earth, prayer has been the center place of all form of communication with the unseen realms, or heaven as you have called it.

In the beginning, prayer was known as a part of you, the internal expression of soul and spirit. A place of communion with the places you each have resided in and have been born from. Over the generations prayer has stayed as praise, and moved to sublimation to that which is bigger than you. A GOD of power, strength, fairness and then of punishment. Prayer has always stayed in the forefront.

Yet a separation has occurred where prayer has become a tool, not an energy carried within your internal spiritual nature, woven through the physical DNA. Due to prayer becoming separate from you there was created a place for uncontrolled ego and fear to develop. This fear has been the most destructive force on your planet. In fear you have allowed a system that has become top heavy to occur. Out of fear you have consumed. Out of fear you have forgotten the agreements of souls being born into complicated and powerful lives.

Five different realities go on all the time for each of you, and each one’s reality touches each other’s realities. This can seem daunting when uncontrolled; when not filled with kindness and happiness to be with each other. So fear began, fear for generations, causing many to move away from communion with the earth; with each other. An internalized pain that has caused an external hectic-ness, creating imbalance.

Yet, in the last 30 years or more there has been a profound, steady, waterfall. This waterfall has been the evolution of human beings so that their star-seeded, soul-directed selves would search out, dream into, and awaken the true understanding of themselves, each other, their world, other realities, and heaven. Your souls are not made up of wispy energy floating around inside of you. Your souls are open hands raised to the heavens to absorb the starlight of the highest mind, heart, and spirit.

We spoke above about now you will know what is to be like us. This is NOT about creating your own reality, getting everything you desire because you think it, you want it, you are it. What we speak of is the nature we carry; that you will be of wise understanding and objective vision. You are a collective of beings who have different tasks and one purpose: the redemption, remuneration, and resolution of a reality to be carried back to the all. A profound collective indeed. You will know, like us, to gather and perceive with unfettered wisdom, and profound patience.

Because you will truly understand energy and frequency, you will know you are energy and frequency. This time is to bring prayer back to it’s true position; within each of you. You are the walking prayers, prayers of others to have you born. Prayers of the heavens to have your world become paradise.

When we speak of energy and frequency, again it is not about self-healing or creating your realities we speak of. It is a texture, a feel, and a freedom. When this occurs, then you will be able to step into telepathic communication, spontaneous creation and healing. For this will occur via the gathering and connecting of all souls who will stay on earth. Therefore, you will truly know of emotion. Love, in the loss of others leaving. Love, in the happiness of others surviving. Love, grief, anger, sorrow, longing and pleasure. Stepping beyond even joy into exalted inspiration.

Let us use the analogy of the crucifixion. Real or not, it signifies the evolution of humansoulkind. The years of Babylon, the birth of a savior (prayers), the fighting against creation and change. Darkness and then humankind going through prayer on the cross of suffering. Thirsting, looking for comfort, belief of being forsaken, moving to surrender, creating a new life for all.

Now you will know, now you will know the importance of this time. The holiness of this suffering– for the salvation of humankindsoul and all the realities and creation that it is part of.

Prayer is your healing tool. Prayer is your inner voice. Take it now and make it your path. Let it be how you walk, what you say, how you think, how you feel, and of all these things how you take care of each other and your children.

Behold the coming of a new way for humankindsoul. Behold the creation incarnate. Behold prayer in action. May love always be your answer, because love has always been your question. Amen. With great respect for the masters of earth, we are, Isaiah and the Group. ________________________________________________________________________________

Holies of holies, deepest of the sacred, behold the prayers of the priestess to the world of spirit. For the salvation of the world. That no demon nor darkness will be allowed to flourish in the underworlds of life, emotion, and intent. The wonders of the highest of high is called upon to change all that has gone asunder. Amen. ~Amaya Victoria

And the heart speaks. All these generations of good intent, our ancestors in the heavens, of the galactic way, stand now as we bow our heads in surrender. For the earth speaks. She says: I know another way, a way that brings balance to all things. You, my children, you have not forgotten. Come now shaking, quaking, to the circles of the people. Let the collective of community carry you, cradle you. As you can see the wound is no longer in you. Look around, I am carrying your wounds.

The earth stills, scientists who listen to the earth tell us that the seismographs are all showing the earth is quieting. We can call this very humbling.

In the indigenous cultures the medicine person asks this before any healing is done. If I take away your suffering how will you live? How shall we live? Can we go back to how it was? Yes, yes we can. And…two more times, larger each time, change will come for us. I do not believe we will understand it all this time, but it can be a good start. Let us first make it about earth. Let us ask our kin earth to lead us from our selfish ways. The time of individual spiritual growth is coming to an end. This is the time of collective bonding.

Pay heed, we are not out of the woods yet. Not even close. Large groups of people will continue to die. We are so close to not being here on earth much longer. We must ask for reprieve and another chance. The greatest of work shall be a surrender of will. A willingness to be open to others voices, opinions, thoughts and brilliance.

We must stop over thinking, over analyzing, and asking for the answers. Our governing systems must die. _______________________________________________________________________________

I am in a virtual circle with my teacher. People are speaking about their feelings of what is happening for themselves, what is happening on earth. Many tears, worries, anxieties.

In the group I speak of a dream I had weeks before the shelter in place began. I had gone to bed praying about releasing distress. In the dream I am following a man as he goes from healing center to healing center, speaking and transmitting warm healing energy through the groups. I think to myself, I need to talk to this man. I see him two blocks away, standing on the corner of the sidewalk. I catch up to him, we turn the corner, I am standing facing him, behind him is a vista of green land and sky, to my right is sidewalk, unkempt lawn, chain link fence. Without speaking he places his hands on my head and begins to sing in Eastern Indian. When he is done singing a lined paper with four rows of writing on it appears to my right. I realize I do not need the instructions. It is all about the blessings.

I share this in this group gathering. Several shares after my share, two woman share, one right after the other, each offer a blessing for the earth. It is my dream. We do not need any more instructions. We need to be blessing each other, all things. We need to sing blessings and praise for all.

Our lust and fear of money has brought us here. No amount of gold will heal our lives. We most find another way to live. Either the money becomes a friend, or we become a community who gives to each other without debt, or separation.

How these huge changes occur I do not know.  I know, if we make it through, the way will be shown. Let me end with my and spirit’s voice together in harmony.

We have come to you for many generations, speaking of the way coming. Speaking of a way of clearing. Speaking to you about the way of all. Here is the way, it is upon you. Here is the way, it is your heart. Here is the way, it is your love.

I am, therefore, WE are, therefore, GOD IS. ~Amaya Victoria

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