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And It Is Time For The Weeping Now

And it is time for the weeping now, not a weeping of hopelessness. The weeping for all the hurt, for all the loss, for the loss of every woman, every child, every man, be it in natural death, war, murder. Be it loss of relationships, loss of jobs, and loss of homes.

Loss of the perceived right way of being, loss of security, where upon security is only in the moment, only in the movement forward, in God’s breath.

It is time to weep deeply for the changes, for the hope, for the loss. Hold not onto the fear; hold not onto the fear when a relationship changes, goes, when a job ends, when someone dies. Weep the fear out, grieve the changes, and lay on the ground, the bed and LET GO of the deep sorrow. Just LET GO, it matters not the reason. For there is a deep sadness in each and every human soul on this planet, this sadness is not the essential joy each is, it does not affect it, the joy burns brightly in each.

Yet, this sadness have been a shroud a funeral dirge, a belief that never will things truly come to light to completion and freedom. So weep deeply now, this is where your prayers have taken each of you, in this weeping all your fears, all your deep unhappiness, all your sorrow will be relieved and finished, FINALLY. For, unto this lies your peace, for unto this lies your hope, for unto and in this is the answer, for unto and this is you will hear the whisper, the voices of the Master Teachers, the singing of the angels, the joy of God.

Is this not true that after a deep weeping, deep stillness and release occurs, you each are cleared to be at peace with the divine, it is asked that then that each of you now, weep , and for however long. We tell you that it will not be for eternity in your worlds, you will not weep forever, do not fear this so.

For when you begin to weep this time and let go in this river of purification you shall hear in your own voice, the voices of your ancestors, of generations, of the collective weeping through you. You will feel the releasing back into the heavens, to pure energy, these sounds of deep weeping. Then, then you will fall quiet, all shall be still and you will know once and for all that you are home.

So, weep our friends, weep, and as each finishes, as you wait for others to finish, you, you whom have truly finished the centuries of weeping, you begin to hum, sing, chant, tone and bring the song of beautiful harmony to this place, to your brethren. Hold your hands out now to all others, form the circle, make the chain strong again, fear not you shall not be strangled or imprisoned by this chain. No, this will be the chain of great creativity and creation. You will for the first time in a long time on this place be the GOLD links on this chain. You our friends will bring heaven to earth!

With all our blessings and love, Amaya Victoria, and Isaiah and the Group.

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