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And the Lion Shall Lay Down with the Lamb – Isaiah 11:11

This writing was inspired by a picture I saw on Facebook of a cat with its face pressed up against the head and face of a young doe.

We are now in the time where the struggle between the ego, the dark side of humankind, the personality, and psyche is at an all-time high.  The struggle between what is truly the “right” way of being, and the darkness of greed, will do battle, so that for the rest of eternity, peace shall wash over this land.

This shall not be as hard or harsh as it sounds or looks.  There is great beauty for all of us through this experience. This conflicted duality is represented for me by the Lion (masculine) and the Lamb (feminine).

I believe that the Lion represents the royalty of the creator, of the heavens, of God. The Lion is the masculine aspect of the Soul, our God, and our Universe. The Lion in all its magnificence represents High Divine Passion.

For years the Great Masculine,( the Lion) has roared appearing to be without control, misleading itself and all others who would follow towards the gates of great destruction, truly lost without the balance of the gentle firm hand of the Great Feminine ( the Lamb).

Our Lion’s within all of us has needed to give birth to the Lamb.  So that the Lamb could teach the Lion to be quiet, to wait, to know the true timing for sanctified exaltedness.  Within each of us, our Lions have been on the prowl looking for home, roaring, battling out of distress and exhaustion.  This Lion (mind, ego) has been trying to tell us that it was looking for home, home where the sweetness of the Lamb (heart) lives.

The Lamb represents trust, faith and patience; it is the feminine aspect of heaven and earth. It is the stillness of waiting, the quietness of creating, and the strength of persistence.

Healed shall be the Lion of the GREAT MIND, healed shall be the Lamb of the GREAT HEART, and in the balance each human soul will act with true fairness, love, compassion and understanding.

NOW, the Lion lies down with the Lamb. The time of warring must be over; the time of true peace comes to take us. The Lion lays down, the small mind, the wounded ego and wounded masculine.  The material plane, earth, quiets and flourishes. The Lamb, the heart, the heavens, the feminine turns now, all fear and burden gone, leaning against the body of the Lion, safe. Feeding the Lion peace. They lay STILL together as one.

In the perfect timing of the divine in each of us we are finishing the inner battle of the wounded ego, the wounded heart with the pure knowing of divine thought and love.

In each of us striving to be fully born is the eternal balance. It is attempting to find its true position in each of our lives.

The male and female in each of us shall finally communicate with each other, we will then become integrated and be able to negotiate life, re-balancing as necessary.

Very soon our world shall be governed by both men and women walking side by side, heart connected to heart, mind with mind as one union, as one expression. The balance of all creation.

The Lion lies down with the Lamb, yes, the Lion lays down with the Lamb. Finally the Lion lies down with the Lamb.


In Great Humble Service ~ Amaya Victoria

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