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Blessed Are the Children of God!

My Friends lets talk about this Mayan thing for a moment.

One, the calendar is not from the Mayans per se, the calendar is from the Atlanteans handed down to the Mayans.

In addition the calendar was created by the beings whom have helped to star seed us. This calendar is a key and a timeline. As of this next week or so the frequency and the internal process of this planet shall shift. This shifting will occur in increments over a three day period. This incremental process will be for the destabilization of the core of this planet, and the destabilization of the core of the people individually and collectively.

When it is spoken about the destabilization it is not to cause anymore fear, or any dread of what is coming or of the changes already in play. This destabilization, this the best word for the change, is necessary for the changes that must come to truly be put into place. changes that will be fluid, and wavelike in the effect of the evolutionary process of moving into, through, towards and into the 7th, 9th and 12th levels of understanding and wisdom.

Then in this incremental fashion there will be in this rhythm of great change the allowance of time for a stabilization a getting used to or resting in the new CORE frequency. This core frequency will be harmonic with the tones and calls of the heavens, or 7 to 10th realities.

Part of this is the frequency of the stars and the council.

This will have a wave like effect, an influx of etheric energy that will “wave” out to transmit an etheric communication with the heavens.

It is in the first 4 months of 2013 that the probability of re-structuring of the earth, i.e. land mass change and more importantly the change of density of the planet to star like qualities will occur.

This will be signaled by an uprising and recurrence of sightings of dolphins, for it is the dolphins, the dolphin energy that has been the holders of the joy energy of human spirit.

This calendar being the KEY for this coming event is such. In it this calendar, in the symbols of this calendar is hidden information, hieroglyphics if you will of the true purpose and information of the creation of our planet. Hidden also in this key is wording information about the star people our true ancestors. In unlocking this information the rotating of the the merkabah within each human structure will be sped up and activated in a way not seen nor felt on heaven-earth ever. This activation or awakening of this structure once again will also occur within the earth’s core, this new rotation is what will be the ‘voice” of the earth to all other realities.

Also like a good key this calendar having been looked at again again by many beings has implanted in the God mind of most of the great changes, setting up the unlocking of the dna structure of RE-CREATION

So, it is the end of an era, it is the end of a cycle, it is the end of an energetic reality. It is the passage of time needed for all the old atlanteans to reincarnate for this party.

For the atlanteans have needed to be forgiven for the “crime” the violation of thinking they were the God’s to creation and control.

In this forgiveness over eons of servitude, and suffering, persecution and death, it has been now so balanced and finished. In this occurring, then the grid of light implanted in each of you, which is identical in each of you shall now activate. Notice so that one particular part of your grid within yourself will be brighter than the rest. This is good, for as all merge as one over the next three years these lite up parts shall complement and connect with each other, and therefore the grid so created and re-activated to stimulate and connect with the reality of the silver ray shall be in place.

And at that time a great harmonious cry and song shall feel the skies and the earth, activating the movement of this planet into it’s proper place on the spiral. Stimulating the spiral to move upward therefore going into the seventh and ninth realities, where we come from, where your star seeded one’s come from. Where those who in the star ness helped to infiltrate the DNA systems of the old clan so reside. This level of no color and all color shall burst through those upper realities and then create realities well beyond your dreams.

Be pleased for this time coming, for finally, finally you shall forgive your very existence and become life itself once again. Unending all consuming and beautiful unto itself.

Take eager joy and be interested in what is coming, not afraid. For out of all of this all the prayers for help and all the agreements for completion shall be put forth and to rest.

Rest easy in this way for you Dear Masters, are to bring home the completion of Lemuria, Atlantis, and we ask you this. What ship, what row and what seat did you come in on to be here before Atlantis, Hawaii and Lemuria.

We ask you this blessed beings, why have you come again then. Why are you here in your world in this glorious and trying time. Why, what have you brought to give and to shine onto all others. What is it you must receive to be forgiven by self for so much and so many lessons.

We ask you this, ARE YOU READY? We say, get still and listen, for the silence runs deep now, the pressure is on, and the conclusion is at hand. We ask you this, will you forsake your own selfishness to take care of and lift up the whole.

And we say to you now, THANK YOU BRETHREN. We bow our heads in humble gratitude, for you will bring us all home. As above so below, and now, and now, finally, as you lift yourselves and the earth up into the light all shall be completed and all shall settle truly into heaven and earth, earth and heaven. Heaven and earth being one.

Good Luck upon and on your endeavours. We are with you all the way.

Much Love, Amaya, Isaiah and so many more. 🙂

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