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Messages to the World Radio Show Podcast: 7/30/2014

Here’s this weeks podcast episode with my guest Rev. Everett C Alexander. We had a very profound time together discussing “life on life’s terms” and “living life to it’s fullest”.

Since the early 80’s Rev. Everett C. Alexander, PhD. Has been studying different spiritual paths.  The first being “A course in Miracles” as presented by Marianne Williamson he went on to study with her for 5 years and taught at her LA Center for Living.  Following that Everett drew from “Conversations with God” by Neal Donald Walsh which touched him profoundly.  He is also a certified death mid-wife, bringing funerals back into the home.  He currently works with individuals with grief counseling and produces workshops on personal growth.  He also produces a bi-monthly e-mail newsletter entitled “Conversations about God”. He is also the interviewed subject on Courtney Webster and Your Recovered Life in July 2014 and can be located on Facebook or iTunes.

For information, appointments and event announcements, please contact him at

I hope you enjoy this episode, comment and share!

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