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Messages to the World Radio Show Podcast: 8/27/2014

On this week’s Messages to the World radio show podcast for 8/27/2014, we welcomed guest, Mark Mezadourian. We discussed protection of the Angels, practical application and  communication. We are souls incarnate, some of us actual Angels incarnate, all of us influenced and governed by the Angel bylaws which are, integrity, honesty, kindness, forgiveness, mercy, grace and love. We also talked about how to keep our agreements that we have brought into this world with us to fulfill to come back to the true WE in our world.

Mark Mezadourian is an intuitive specializing in connecting with angels and guides. Mark has been on the spiritual path since 1998, when a life changing event got his attention and led him to dive into spirituality and intuition. In the process of integrating the angels into his life, Mark discovered that he could easily receive guidance for other people. Since 2003, Mark has been offering private Angel Readings, and has led hundreds of workshops, groups and teleconferences.

His work encompasses the core of all spiritual traditions – peace and love – and helps people realize their dreams and live a fulfilling life. The goal of the work is to access spirituality from a heart-centered yet practical perspective, and put it into action. Sessions and workshops focus on allowing the connection with our intuitive self and guides to be fluid and familiar through specific exercises, meditations and awareness. Through this, we can create the conditions to live authentically as our unique selves as we grow, excel and share our gifts with the world. What Mark loves most about this work is creating the conditions for people to excel, to be totally fulfilled in their lives and to share their gifts with the world.

Mark offers private Intuitive Readings, workshops and weekly intuition classes. For more information and to download free meditations, you can visit:

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