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Money Can’t Buy It

We, the group known as Isaiah, come to you today in response to the waters of life that are attempting to come clean and run quickly to the rivers, oceans, valleys and hearts of human kind.

We do not often come in the form of writing. Yet, we come today from spirit without hindrance, like a crystal clear bell, because of these times that have finally come for you.

Our coming to you in this way is the beginning of a consistent communication that we will now reestablish for a short period. This reestablishing of communication has only three purposes. One, to strengthen our connection with each of you. From this place, this way of communicating, the word that we are back, that spirit is real, will move rapidly like a wild fire amongst your people. Two, to bring to you unhindered information. Three, to help make way for the connection to the mastership programs of life, and the Galactic Counsel.

In 1999, we, using the channel as a vessel, were privileged to stand before over 100 of your people. Many, a large majority came to see us out of the need, perhaps fear, to know about the coming times. This was hidden in the desire to know whether Y2K was indeed going to occur on the date of January 1st, 2000.

At that time, amongst many of the proclamations that we made, we assured each of those individuals that Y2K was not going to occur. Only, perhaps, in the smaller countries, or those younger nations that were struggling with your technology. As you can see, this information was correct. Your technology has been growing in leaps and bounds. In only seventeen years, your communities are on the precipice of a mental and energetic technology that will, if used properly, bring you back to the original way of being.

Telepathy as well as bi-location will become common place, becoming creators of a way of being that as you think it, it will be so. Drawing heaven to earth.

Gathering together in 1999, we called out and described the years to come. Proclaiming that 2007, 2008, and then the years 2016, 2017 to be the power years. We spoke of the fact that your money, if not handled properly would become useless, unattainable for many, that this would begin in 2007 and continue for at least 5 years in duration.

Here you are then, standing on the precipice of great change. The hope of human soul kind lynch pinned by community. What we mean by this, is that in all of this great turbulence the lynch pin is to move towards community regardless of the opposing forces who would not want the heralding of the new earth to become so.

This, which is coming to a head now, began eons ago with the great struggle of demand, darkness, and control.

We would like to say that this began in Atlantis, but we would be incorrect. This began in Europe, in the land of the big clock, the lands of the rising spirals to the skies, of your cathedrals and temples of governing minds. Religious and political ideology are both good in their intent, separately and together. What bastardized these ideologies was a twisting of what it meant to pray and to govern. In a very short period of time the idea of community began to be separated. Control and dominance took over.

The world is now coming to critical mass. The river of life, the waters of living have been polarized long enough. The joy in this, is that all of this has already been planned out. The difficulty therefore lies in one’s ability to walk firmly, yet lightly. This is where the human soul gets a chance to shine.

Money has now become your enemy. You have placed in the position of control rabid animals who have forgotten community. In 2007, there was a great explosion around your money, and the safety of your population. It continues up till this moment.

We cannot blame your government, religion, or your people, although it would be easy. What we know to be true is this. It is an inevitable and necessary outcome to conclude a reality that limits expansion. Expansion of the connection to all realities, leaving a void for the understanding of the human ability to create within galactic expansion.

Let us put this in other words. Your people in power have become gluttons, obese in their living. Obsessed and addicted to the adrenaline rush of control. They are over run with the idea of power. Only hearing their own voices, not the voices of the whole.

They stand in old ways of being that DO NOT serve any longer. Many of them are stealers of souls, energy, and sadly of all things, joy. They believe so deeply that only in their way may the world flourish. They cannot see the destruction they are preceding over, how your earth is dying, how your children are atrophying. If this marching into the night continues, no one will survive.

Let us then contradict ourselves, there is another option. These innocent pawns shall be used for the coming together of community. Darkness and dire conditions may prevail for a period of time, exacerbated by the earth cleansing itself. Then, in the middle of this darkness, a birth of light shall prevail. The prevailing has been written, is inscribed in the halls of eternity.

All the money in the world will not buy it. All the money in the world, only used to help others will be allowed. The gathering of all this paper and coin shall be thrown asunder by the cry, “In the house of GOD, no Babylon shall be allowed to live.”

This time, these times are here to bring forth those of great honor, integrity, and truth. Compassion comes later, after all is put right.

The halls of heaven now call out to your earth to become much more then you know. This is the time of all the ages. Turn towards the bellowing of all the heads of nations who think they know. Face off with them in great prayer, and more importantly in great surety that you, the people of the highest of high, will only allow the opening of the portal between heaven and earth. May all else go to ground being put to rest for eternity.

This we wish for you: Many blessings, all the love in the world, and of all of this, the greatest joy of all, that your children, and your children’s children live in a world called paradise.

So know Dear One’s with great seriousness you must face this time. Your lives and the future depends on you lynch pinning back to and forward into one unity, one way, one heart, mind and soul.

With great tears of love, we wait upon you. You, Masters of the Earth.

Isaiah and the Group, The Arcturians, The Council, and Amaya Victoria

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