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“I know it sounds New Age… but in my meditation, this entity – which is called Metatron – he said, ‘we want to hook you back to the radio airwave frequency. We want you to reach junior high schools, high schools and universities. Once you reach them – because we are going to connect you with the best artists of the day – then we want you to present them a new menu. Let them know that they are themselves, multidimensional spirits with enormous possibilities and opportunities. We want you to present them with a new form of existence that transcends religion, politics or the modus operandi of education today’” – Carlos Santana, Rolling Stone, Summer, 1999

After contact with this supernatural being, Carlos Santana went on to release the album “SUPERNATURAL” That won album of the year at the Grammys.

I have a blazing headache, my frontal lobe is on fire. Jesus Christ, again? I am moving through an awakening that is like hell. All the demons of my ancestors, all the suffering of the people, the planet, my karma, my life as a child, the history of my beliefs are moving, rattling me, and crucifying me in a way that I had not expected.

I have come out of the endocrinologist’s office. He has said to me “It is not so concerning that the hyperparathyroidism is active again, your bones are not that affected. What is more concerning to me is that your cortisol twice now has been high after the 24 hour test. So, I am sending you to an endocrinologist surgeon.”

I had prayed that morning that if there was anything still physiologically wrong, it be found immediately and resolved. Even so, tears fill my eyes. I have never been so ill continuously in my life. The word humbling does not even cut it. I had chosen, because of this period, to stay quiet, so that I may finally finish this cycle of life lessons.

I walk out of the doctor’s office, unlocking my car. I back out of the parking spot, move down and across the parking lot.

As always Pandora is playing through my speaker system. I am filled with sorrow; grief for my life and my body. Over the speakers the music fills my car. I play my music loud and hard. I need to feel the bass, the drum, the harmonies and the singing through my whole body.

Over the radio the song “Gethsemane (I Only Want to Say”) from Jesus Christ Superstar plays. Music fills my soul, my heart blows open and I begin to weep. I swing my car into a parking spot facing a hill. I cry, and cry and cry. I look up through my tears and there on the top of the hill is a cross. I am amazed. Once again, through music GOD is speaking to me.


MUSIC: It has always been my savior, since I was a very young child. Living in a household of such pain, music was one of the two ways I could soothe myself. For years as a child I had to sleep with a radio playing low in the background. It was the only way I could sleep.

MUSIC: Always when I am at the computer, either Pandora is playing out into the room, or over my headphones into my brain, and through my body. Music fills my soul.

MUSIC: I begin to sing over a woman who is laying on my healing table. The music in my head goes on for a long time until it is fully voiced. When I am done, one of the other healers in the next room says “When you began to sing I could feel you moving the energy off of her big time.”

MUSIC: I am in a sweat lodge. Singing begins somewhere around the circle. Others join in and voices fill the inipi. This sounding goes on for what seems like forever. Suddenly, silence, a reverent quiet. The water pourer begins to pray. At the end he says “Thank you to all the voices that made a cathedral of harmony and music.”


In 1997 I meet a woman at a healing expo that does soul portraits. I take her card. Her name is Sandra Dolan. For my birthday I go to her to have her do my soul portrait. I am sitting before her, and as she is drawing she is talking. She says “I am going to have your eyes raised, for you always looks towards GOD for all your answers and direction.” and “I hate to put too much color in your face, for you are almost pure white, with winged ones in your cheeks.” When she finishes she says to me “Through the whole session I heard music; it fills you.” She titles my portrait “Music fills the soul.”

I see Sandra at a small expo shortly after she does my picture. She is an exhibitor. She comes up to me and asks me for a healing. I never get to her, I am so busy. Six months later she has died from liver cancer. About two years later I find out that she was my second cousin on my father’s side, via his sister, my aunt, when my aunt tells me a story about another gifted woman in the family. It was Sandra.


I have just finished doing a group channeling, my youngest child is with me, she is about 2 years old. I exhale. Sarah is standing by my right leg, her chubby hands holding my thigh. As I exhale she turns her head and watches spirit move out the window that is directly in front of me, yet higher on the wall. We all watch Sarah watch spirit.

Spirit is filled with emotion and music. When I channel, or when spirit is close to me, the concepts they express through me are based in emotion and have the feel of music.

Carlos Santana is instructed in 1999 by Metatron to make music that will flood the radios, the airwaves of generations that may not have known his music. For one task and one task only; to awaken the children.


The young people are singing, they are singing songs of such prayer that it is breathtaking. Some are processing their aggression, anger, frustration, hate; all the dark words for unhappiness and evil. Yet there is a population of young ones whom are singing songs that are opening up our world.

A 15 year old One Nation “child.” Stands before the U.N., purportedly the largest, most revered council we have on this planet at this time. She begins to speak. She calls out U.N. She calls out all of us about our denial, the disgrace of how we have lived. She calls out that the bullshit ends here. She is right. Her voice, filled with words of deep honesty and truth is music to our souls, singing from the heavens. A clarion call of warning, a demand that things must change.

The children know that instead of a funeral dirge we need a welcome home song.

2017, my daughter and I go up to Dare’ where singing without words is done during the healing sessions. The singers spot her right away and take her in. She opens her mouth and sings, the circle pulsates with sound. Music fills the air.


A plethora of sound, tones and vibration. Each a prayer, each a call, each a guided intercession for suffering.

We have come to a place in our world, where explaining with words, while needed and useful in conversation, is being superseded by the beginning of time when we were non-verbal. The times when our ancestors used sound to cause change.

Prayer is sound. Prayer creates change. Prayer is music. Thoughts, when dressed in humble attire, are music. Without demand, thoughts become our kindness for and to others. Emotions are our power. When a thought, a prayer, is filled with emotion, it is powerful

Our emotions are our songs, songs from our hearts. Without our emotions in play, our sounds will have minimal impact for change.


We are sound. We are frequency. We are color. We have brought all of this to the realm of form to make a new, all flowing, reality.

In these times, turn to your neighbor, brother, sister, friend…offer them the song of your soul.

This thing called music goes on forever and knows no limits. Someone may not hear you singing your soul’s song, yet be assured it will influence others 2000 miles away. Changed and made stronger, your soul’s song shall be known.

My friends, we are in deep, even dark times. So it is in these times we get the chance to stop analyzing, and listen.

Your soul is singing. Listen, the earth is singing. Listen, the heavens are singing us home.

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