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On The Wings

The wings of owl, eagle, and condor are attempting to get beneath us to lift us up. In the strangest way, in order to be lifted, we must accept what is.

This acceptance that I speak about is not a stoop shoulders defeated position. The acceptance is an elegance that states in its posture a strength. An assurance that this typhoon will be weathered.

We have come to a time in our history that it is so important to step back for a moment and reassess the landscape; to take stock of what is around us, and what possibly lays before us. This is the time to do great inventory. The inventory that must be taken is the review, reassessment, and therefore conclusion of what has been. Allowing for us to set game plans for the future.

It is apparent to me two things. One, we did not get here by accident, the here being this place of the split of the dark and the light. In my truth, this place that we are wading through has already been prophesied about. The times that are to stretch and test us, causing us to morph into magnificent warriors of light. And two, the great creator governs all things, all experiences, always. In that governing, we are given opportunities to make choices.

There are so many very good people in this world, the common man and woman. We must keep our eye on this fact. That this goodness will be applied to this time of sucking confusion. I imagine, not being a scientist in this lifetime, that when an atom splits, there is a sucking or spinning motion for a moment or two, for a void has been created. Since the universe absorbs a vacuum, in this place of the void, a whirlpool of energy is created.

I know this is what is happening now in our lives, in our collective reality. It is time to reach deep, grasp on to the assets of yourselves that have strength, honor, objectiveness, passion, compassion, and most importantly, justice.

Look at this magnificent experience you all have helped to put into play. It is because of each of you. You, of so many generations who have come together in collective prayer, healing, and council. You, who on your own have been praying for healing, for heaven to come to earth; that all of this now comes to a head, for there is no more room for this infection to stay hidden.

Like an infected boil, this place hurts, and needs to be lanced. Here is how we shall lance this. Stand still, take stock, pray for direction, listen to your inner self and move forward, pushing hard with the point of your swords on this diseased part, so it may erupt, all the infection blowing out of it. Leaving behind a scar, yet making space for the creation of a new life. A life for our children, their children, and their children’s children.

An additional importance is each of you, as this time comes to a head. It is imperative that you get on with your work of healing your egos. There has never been a more important time then now for this to occur. Do it, go for it, turn and face yourselves, fully and completely. God is with you, the angels are with you. You are not alone.

And in the meantime, as if there was not enough going on, let’s get on with life, miss not one moment to say I love you. To open the door for a stranger, to make good with a relative. To finish the enemy way, so when this dust clears, when the tornado is done. Those who are left, those who have chosen to stay will be so changed. That from them will come the song of the heavens, the harmony of the great heart, and the deep laughter of the love of the children of GOD.

See this time, this purpose, these changes are not only for you. See, and know all of this as the time of the great rebirth. Not only heaven to earth, earth to heaven. The Rebirth of the time before Atlantis, a new birth of a time unknown to human soul kind. A time of true energetic, emotional, mental paradise and creation.

Yes, this feels like the time of great war. I say, “With any great change comes great confusion.”

Move forward now great ones, shoulder to shoulder, marching, dancing, and singing. When you stop to rest in the night air, raise your faces to the sky, raise your voices in great praise and give thanks. For surely on the wings of the Angels a good way is coming.

~Amaya Victoria

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