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Self Explosion

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” ~ Marianne Williamson

Yes, right, she is absolutely right. My friends we are in the times of the Self Explosion, a time of preparation to and for the Great Party, which will herald in the Soul Explosion that we are so waiting on.

Self explosion, surely you will think that I am going to write about the explosion, implosion of one’s temper, one’s wound, and one’s held on to emotions. No, that is not what I am going to write about, no, this Self Explosion is much more powerful than all of that.

Writing this I have begun to think about the 70’s. The internal explosion in the 70’s, for peace on earth, to give peace a chance, all you need is love, was but a heralder for what was to be coming for us now from 2013 to 2015. The hippies of that time (which by the way I was one) had the right idea. All there is, is love, war is over if you want it, give peace a chance, power to the people.

Yes, we/that generation were right, the premise and the push behind all of that was correct, yet there was a critical piece missing. The piece about healing the wound of the ancestral internalized process or experience, well, maybe not, if I think about it, the hippie days of sex, drugs, rock and roll began to unravel into addictions, and over indulgence. This time was showing us that there was still things to tend to, the wound still needed to be healed.

This river of power to the people, the song, all you need is love, the cry, give peace a chance was an underdeveloped creation, that needed to go underground for a bit, to fester, to gain strength and motion.

This strength and motion having been brought on by the dark times we have gone through in the late 80’s until right now, coming on oh so stronger by the impossibility of how we have allowed others to govern our worlds, WE are the ones that are setting this up, WE are the ones that are allowing this quickening, We are the ones bringing our society so close to the edge of the end of life as we know it.

We have done this because we have needed to mature, to mature the words “power to the people!” Into, “we are in this together, we are all one.“

Have we now become exhausted of hating each other, and trying to kill each other off this planet? Can we now reach deep into ourselves and walk the red path in another way? Where have we all gone with all of this, and can we now come on back and go beyond all that we have created? Are you willing to say “YES” to all of the above?

Years ago, I channeled that the earth and the earth’s changes would take our focus and our entanglement away from our government, that the government would become a miniscule focus, a small part of our consciousness. For the earth changes would cause us, the community of man and woman to have to re-structure our ideas and perceptions of whom was in charge. We would have to remember how to show our caring for each other, not only in times of crisis. For these times of crisis would be our stomping grounds to stop posturing and finally heal our emotions and our wounded hearts, in preparation for this time NOW in showing how much we care, because, well, because that is what we do, and who we are.

Recently, I was in Sedona for 11 days. While there a series of events occurred that would create for me a self explosion. I had come to Sedona, tired, depressed, wondering why I was there. Thinking to myself “even my joy of Sedona has been taken from me.” Of course, the other half of my brain was crying out “help me, help me, and help me”. As it turned out I stayed with a woman whom has a five acre ranch just outside the Village of Oak Creek.

As I was driving up the dirt road that leads to the entrance to her ranch I looked up into my rear view mirror, there were no cars behind me. Two minutes later I looked again and there was a truck and another car right behind me. I knew that in the truck was the woman whom owned the farm; I could not imagine who was in the car.

I pulled into the parking area of the ranch, Walker, the owner of the ranch and another woman walked up to my car. Walker welcomed me and introduced me to this other woman.

It turned out that this other woman had just arrived in Sedona that afternoon and was going to camp out at one of the many camping grounds around Sedona, as it turned out someone in a café where she was having tea gave her Walker’s card, saying she may have a place for her to stay for the night.

We, the three of us, walked around the ranch. Later, Walker and I are sitting outside her front door and I was doing some channeling for her. The other woman walked by as I was channeling and I felt this pull towards the other woman, I knew that she needed to speak with spirit, that the group that I channel and she were deeply connected, I came into the house sometime later and this woman asked me if I would channel for her. I said of course. I work with the woman for about 20 minutes or so. At the end of the channeling, once this woman could speak again, for she was very stunned at the accuracy of the work, she said to me, “I would like to do an exchange with you.” She spoke to me about the work she does, EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, (tapping). Quite frankly in the past I have had a judgment of the work, (be careful what you judge), so that I for a moment was resistant.

I did say yes, and that night began a part of my path that I will never forget, and for which I am extremely grateful. For eleven days this woman and I exchanged our services with each other.

At the time I did not know that this was the kick off for my own self explosion.

So, fast forward to seven days ago, the day before I had a session via Skype with the EFT work with this woman, on that Wednesday (the very next day), I had an experience that is what caused me to write this blog.

I was on the phone with one of my clients, working remotely. As I was working with her, I was very involved with her clearing, yet somewhere in that session I became aware of my own being. I began to expand outward quickly and fully. My being became so big, I was without words or thought. I knew at that moment what self explosion was about. I exploded outward.

Over three years ago I had the privilege to go to Sedona with a group a women, the leader of the group took us each day to one of the seven vortex’s. We culminated on the 9th or 10th day with the last vortex, the crown chakra, at the base of Boynton Canyon.

At that time the leader put on a cd which we all could hear, leading us through all the chakras culminating with the completion of all our/my chakras connected and flowing through, around and out into the world.

When we came to the final suggestions of this cd, this visualization, I heard a voice saying to me, ”the people, for the people, of the people, to the people, the people, serve the people”. Looking back now I see that this was the pre-emptor for the expansion I felt the other day.

I was a facilitator earlier last year at H.E.A.L.’s first LightWorker Conference.

At the end of my “Circling the Heaven’s Meditation” as myself, Evan and Angelica sang the Beatles song “the end” to the group gathered, as we finished singing this song, I raised my fist and said “Power to the People.” The room exploded into clapping and cheers. I did this spontaneously, not thinking. The self explosion in the room was spontaneous and wonderful.

Yes there is a self explosion going on, can you not feel it?

It is the explosion of the true self, the expansion, when you are least looking of your true bigness. It is the flowering of the sacred flower of life. The opening of the Merkabah or Merkaba in oneself, the eight sided Star of David.

After the last tornado moved through and flatten Oklahoma a picture was posted by someone on my Facebook feed. This picture is from Weather It shows an area at the top of earth, a place of great clearing where we could see the stars and the Aurora lights clearly. We are the micro expression of the earth, and our great mother is exploding, a self explosion so she also may have her STAR expansion.

We are exploding my friends, this self explosion need not just be of the unhappiness or suffering, that is the clear out that is going to finish out.

This self explosion is the explosion of our BIG selves. This explosion is needed; in fact it is a necessity for the self must explode, so that the soul can expand.

It is in this expansion that we will loop back, to the Atlantean times, loop again to the times of Alturas, loop again to the times of Sirius, loop again to the times of Vega, loop again to the times of Pleiades, loop one more time to the times of Egypt. Tying up all loose ends, bringing back, sound, frequency, tone and vibration. Creating a structure that has never been seen on this planet or in the heavens. It would have to be so, as we are the marriage of heaven and earth, therefore our expansion would have to create something so different, for we are to be the new humans on this planet.

Like the structure that represents our atom. We will expand and come back to the most complex of all forms, the simplest of all forms. From the structure of the atom we will morph into the structure of the Merkabah or Merkaba, This self explosion will cause the unfoldment of the Merkabah and it will begin to rotate counter clockwise around and through us. We will become the walking sacred geometry, the walking prayer of God in this world.

We shall, if we come to this place of highest action, be called the saviors of our world. We shall not self implode, we shall self explode and then soul expand, setting the way and the pace for all creation here on out and hereafter.

It is very difficult to tell you how to come to this explosion. Find the prayers, meditations, exercise and healing techniques that will free you from the fear and the depression. Mostly though, BELIEVE that it will happen for you, set that belief into place and then the pace will be set for your healing, for the release into freedom to occur.

My prayer for each of you is joy. May, no matter what, you be joyful all the days of your lives.

With many Blessings and Great Affection

~Amaya Victoria

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