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Singing Bowls

Online on my FB live; the second in two days. I am talking about all you beautiful people. Tears well up in my eyes, my heart breaks open, and all the love I have always felt for every person, animal, and thing in this world wants to rampage out of me. I weep quietly as I am talking to the people. I cannot hide it any longer. I love the people, each and every one of them. The worst of the worst, the best of the best and all in-between.

It matters not to me who you are, where you have been, where you are going. All I know is how beautiful you all are.

You are the singing bowls. You are the chimes. You are the voices of harmony held hidden, carried away on a raging river of harm, deceit, lies, and fear. Lost is the noise, the screaming of agony, the silence of held tears, the sobbing of deep grief, the roaring of rage.

Six years ago I was at my doctor’s office for a checkup. I was sitting, reading a magazine. In the magazine was an article about a young man, who appeared to be about 15 years old. In the picture he is on this makeshift raft in a river that is rushing into the rapids. The picture taken of him was him standing up on the raft screaming in terror as the raft was catapulted towards the falls just before him.

My heart clenched, I was so affected by this picture that to this day I can see him in my head as clear as day. This is what is happening for us now on our planet. We are catapulting to an inevitable destination, where death will happen. The death of suffering, torment, fear, rage, and separation. This young man’s life could not be saved. Out of one moment his destiny was set. And that is where we all are now. The cry of terror in the call for salvation and help is deafening.

The good news is we have another destiny. Catapulting over the falls will give us another chance; a new way. Beyond hope we will maneuver ourselves into many different positions. Behind the roaring of the rapids, behind the crying out in terror, in the realization that so much is out of our hands; is the singing bowls.

These are the bowls made of metal, hand forged to different octaves, tones, and frequencies. Scribed with letters and signs of the holiest of holies.

We have on this planet several generations of way show-ers. Elders who incarnated to ignite the completion of the old cycle. They have been assigned to be at the river.

They are the original singing bowls. Forged by life’s tasks, heated up to become a strength that nothing can shake. Inscribed with signs, words, and letters for the holiest of tasks; to walk all to the gates of heaven, on earth and above.

There are elders who stand at the bottom of the falls, pulling out those who have weathered the rapids. Those at the top of the falls stop many from falling where they would have not survived. Those in the rapids turn the spinning rafts away from the falls. Those in the calm waters stop many from entering the rapids.

Then there are those who stand in the waters, 10 feet from where the rapids once more go back to still waters. These one’s lift those who have perished in the fall and take them away. Back to the heavens, away from the earth. Homeland.

In the movie the dark crystal there are two circles of priests. One circle in dark clothing, ego bound, self-indulgent and very much alone, in this circle of greed, insolence.

The other circle is of priests in white, quiet, gentle, yet without drive, purpose and real strength. There was a crystal hanging in the center of the sacred circle, that was hoarded by the dark ones. From this crystal a shard was missing.

Both groups were being drawn back to the circle, the white priests who were wandering outside the temple began to be called home. They began toning, ringing out, as they moved back toward the holiest of places.

The dark priests sang, toned, and rang each time they stood around the circle calling for their own selfish purposes.

When the shard was finally placed back into the crystal, as the white one’s walked into the temple, calling, toning, and ringing, each group were forced to stand next to each other. One dark priest, standing shoulder to shoulder with a white priest, with a space between each couple. The crystal was reactivated, ringing out through the decrepit, cold, temple. As circles of light rang out through the temple, the temple lit up, transformed to gold inlay on all its walls, floors, and railings.

The priests both light and dark were merged by the bands. Ringing with voices of deep resonance, deep sacred singing bowls. They merged, morphed and became a whole new being, a crystal light being. The singing bowls kept ringing as these beings spun counter clockwise, merging into one being, one light, one way. Lifting through and beyond the great crystal. Home bound.

If we will allow for all the purging and clearing now, the crystal of the heart of the mother, Selenite, will activate and allow us to become this new being. A stand-alone beauty.

I leave you with this. A sounding of Tibetan bowls for you to listen to as often as possible.

I am in Sedona, AZ at the Chocolate Tree with a friend. It has gotten late and there are nine of us left in the restaurant. The staff has locked the front door. John Lennon’s Imagine comes on through the speakers in the store. Everyone stops, is still, and then without asking each other, the whole restaurant begins to sing along. It was magical, magnificent, wondrous and beautiful.

There cannot be better proof that we are the singing bowls. Find your voices. Use your voices in great kindness, great firmness, great teaching, and great praying. Let the sound of harmony fill the rooms of the people of GOD.

Here is the task. Hold close to you the love; spread it wide and far. Stand not for anything that is not of integrity, honesty and truth. Be kind, be caring and be the sword. Only the teachings of the miracles of life may stand firm in the face of all else. Only the vibration of these well forged bowls will make all else transmute into a high harmony for eternity. Become the bowls. All else will follow.

So that the earth, the heavens and beyond shall vibrate with the sound of the singing bowls for eternity.

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