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The Depth of Love – The Grand Canyon of Loneliness

We have been deeply, deeply lonely for a very long time.

Yet I believe that this deep loneliness has been a gift, a blessing, a sacred event. I see it this way. We came to this creation. Light beings, beings of light and light hearted beings, with the agreement of solidification. This is obvious when we look at the fact that we are in human form, a solidification of pure energy. I would like to remind all of you that this is about solidification not calcification, just a slowing down of the cellular or energetic effect to create physical form. What has happened in this form due to years of fear and suffering is that our outside veneer, our protections have become like the rock of the Grand Canyon before the river began to cut through it.

A rock that is and was quite beautiful in its own right, on the outside as well as the inside and yet still a rock, protective, hard, appearing to be impenetrable. So a river had to be created to begin to cut through and penetrate the rock so that everyone could see down into the depths of it, to the heart of it without any problem.

You would think that this river would be the river of love to cut through all of this hardness. I offer you a different perspective to think about. My thought is this, only something that is like a laser beam had to used to cut through this rock. And what’s more powerful than the pain of this deep loneliness? That it would have had to be the deep loneliness that we developed over many generations, for this deep loneliness is more acidic, more persistent in this way, it is like a laser beam cutting through the bedrock.

Many would say that this was our ego’s doing, an unnecessary task, with a big cost. This could be true, for in my Father’s house there are many mansions, and all belief systems and all creation is valid and welcomed.

And, perhaps for my own comfort I cannot help but see this another way, that this collecting of this painful loneliness is one of the more brilliant act of human soul kind. For I see this as the river that has been cutting through, wearing down, opening up our insides for the magnificence of whom we each our.

With any opening as such, there is a rawness that comes with the territory, with the experience and I believe that many at this time are moving through this rawness as well as coming heart to heart, light to light with the pain of deep loneliness.

The brilliance of this is that this river is getting ready to hit the mother lode. Both inside each of us and cutting deep into the Great Mother Earth’s heart and soul, I see therefore at a point very soon that this river of loneliness will hit the light, lightness, light heartedness within each of us.

Then like in a movie, there will be this up-sweep of a fan of light that will unveil itself into the metaphoric night sky. The cry of loneliness will be stilled and the song of harmony will be heard once again.


Therefore I would think there is a bit of release work that just needs to finish up. In fact I would say, this is and will be the most honest, profound and painful piece of work each of you will ever do.

Enough saying you are angry about this and that, enough mourning and grieving about the past, yes, yes, you may still need to finish the tail end of that “stuff” up. Enough, saying it is from your parents, your past, your mistakes. None of this matters now, no not at all, what is the truth through all of this has been this deep painful loneliness.

That has driven others to be mean spirited, cruel, self-serving, insecure, frightened, even insane. This has driven us to hurt each other, to be the victim or the perpetrator. In either given case, it has been the belief that no one loves you, that you are all alone, here and in heaven. That you and the Divine, God have not been connected.

One of my clients cried to me once,” you know I prayed everyday for help from God. For someone to say, do not beat that child. For someone to say, I see you are suffering, for someone to care. I prayed to God all the time, with only silence coming back to me. How do I come to love God now then. I get through this deep loneliness that GOD/the divine, just laughed at me, turned its face away, did not want me, nor care for my suffering”.

I said and say, how you heal and love God, Self, All Others, is to turn into your face of suffering, face this deep painful loneliness inside of you, let this molten lava of agony pure out and be taken into the cool waters of forgiveness. Let the creator, mop your forehead of the sweat, let this fever end, let your sobbing be heard far and wide. For a miracle will occur, you will come to stillness, all shall be finished and there will be an in pouring of great self/god/world love for you once again.

For there is a depth of great love in each of us, equal to coming eye to eye with the depth of great love from the divinity. And the only way this depth could have been saved is for the deep pain of this loneliness to cut a swath on through all of this bedrock to get to the core of our true selves.

You see we have been in so much pain, not just because we have been tortured and tormented, more so because WE LOVE SO DEEPLY AND COMPLETELY. The biggest sobbing loneliness has been because we have always known is that LOVE IS THE ONLY ANSWER, BECAUSE LOVE IS THE ONLY QUESTION.

I am not addressing in this newsletter about the range of emotions we carry, healthfully so, and about the ups and downs of life, that calls for different emotions, some of them appearing not very loving.

See the brilliance in this, that nothing, nothing will a still the drive of spirit, of soul, of the divine. Our given birthright will be freed and never again must we suffer so in the depth of this darkness any longer.

With the Great Mother earth it shall be the same, our deep loneliness that has caused us to disconnect with her has cut deep into her heart and in a very short period of time she shall spit open and what shall rupture forth shall be the light of God that has laid hidden incarnate in this the earth mother’s womb.

We shall be bathed in light, it will change our very cells on every level, and we shall finally dance the dance of spirit upon this place once again.

Do you all remember as children singing, just singing, in joy, along with the radio, out loud? And, then you stopped because you became hurt that you were not good enough. I.E. the deep loneliness.

Well I say my friends; time to tune up the vocal cords, for the days of harmony will very shortly be upon us.

The deep river of loneliness has done its job. Look, Look, Look and see how beautiful you all are, both inside and out.

Like the Grand Canyon the seventh wonder of humankind. Yes indeed! Just takes your breath away in awe doesn’t it.

Much Love, Amaya Victoria

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