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Unwinding Karmic Ties

All Karmic ties are now being broken i.e. finished. The truth is the Karmic wheel or cycle ceased almost 20 years ago, we have just been in the finishing up process. We are in the tail end, so it is important to  stay out of blame ( unless this is an emotion you are holding in your systems, in that case, get help to admit and release the blame and resentment,) allow this finishing to naturally have its way with each of you. Stay in the vision, let the vision take you into your dream, the nightmare is over.

And on this new wheel, the wheel of Dharma life, as it turns counter clockwise, unwinding the tension and the past, sit quiet, in true soul patience and solace, the prayerful state known as exalted joy.

The time of the unwinding is moving fast now, go with it, all entanglement is finished, done. The time of the dream weavers has now come, step up, step up, Oracles, Teachers of the Soul Way, Joy Seeders, those of many other galaxies, stars and realities who have come here, in human form and those of the council in  energy forms.

Make good on all past, come current, finish up, so that the weaving of the turtle clan, the rainbow people, will be manifest. Listen well, be still and feel.

The way is made clear, look up with your hearts and souls, her majesties voice now opens and she tones us home. Teaches us once again the sound of her true voice, so that we will become the choir of her joyous song and love upon this place, extending out finally to all other GOOD realities and into the council once again. The spiral is ready for us, let us go now, with great grace and joy.

~ Amaya Victoria

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