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We Turn Towards 2013 – Global Warming / Earth Changes

My friends this is difficult for me to write, and yet I believe it is time that this is spoken about.  I am not one who looks at the glass half empty, nor is it my nature to look towards or even speak about the earth changes.

I feel at this time I would be remiss if I did not do so. My friends, in the last year I believe that we have closed our eyes to what has been going on for our earth, our Great Mother, therefore ourselves.

That we as a collective, we as human soul have not looked towards the voice of the environment  to “see” how we are doing, and what is truly happening.  I know that much is happening on the political, governmental front. So much is happening economically for us. I know that personally for each of us that the internal process over the last year has just been off the scale. Therefore I can totally understand our not being able to “see” what the great mother is talking to us about.

Years ago I channeled that what was not seen, spoken, known, acknowledged and healed would hit the surface big time starting in 2003 and accelerating up to and into 2013. So here we are, sitting on the top of the padded stool that turns around and around in front of the counter at Woolworth’s. We have been sitting here for quite awhile waiting for our order to arrive.  Our order has now arrived.

I truly know that we are soul’s in the human experience, and that contrary to many beliefs, we do not reincarnate and then go back to “home.”  No, we come from “home” reincarnate and then go back “home” again.  What I mean by this is that we are always bringing home or heaven to  this reality again and again.  Each incarnation brushing and implanting spiritual beauty into the earth plane and therefore we are being filled and colored by paradise from here on earth to take back to the heavens. In this incarnation we are bringing the Great Mother to her place on the spiral. We, as a collective, have attempted to do this three times before, this is our fourth try. I truly  believe we are going to do this, this time.  Therefore, inside of ourselves, and outside of ourselves all must be made right, not just balanced, all must be made right  for all conclusion. for all new beginnings, in all ways possible.

The time of re-incarnation is finishing, the time of karma and dharma are done. All that is left is bringing forward the past, in a good way, healed. This is the  finishing of ancestral habit, patterns and suffering, so that our DNA structures that were so  in-flooded with the fear and insanity can now cleanse opening to the new way of being.

Please hear this, this is NOT the old ways coming back, the dark ages are not returning,  even though many of the old ways shall be used and lived by, such as love thyself and love each other, do unto others as you have them do unto you. Such as farming, barter, collective communal living, such as COMMUNITY far and wide,  such as respect and cooperation.  Such as the memories for Atlantis and Lemuria, and what a pleasure this will be for finally Atlantis shall be forgiven, and be able to dance again like a joyful child, and Lemuria will exude her secrets of the word paradise and the star seededness that part of our DNA structures.

We will keep some of our technology, we shall remember the love and get rid of the separation and insanity that has so plagued our whole world.  So, yes the old ways shall fall away, these ways of the old offensive ways of being. The ways of deceit, denial, manipulation and control, within ourselves and of the greater, larger corporations and governmental structures that by the way we have ALLOWED to get this way, and who are doing nothing more but mirroring what we hide deep within ourselves.

It therefore would make sense that as the percentage of souls whom have awakened, and who are helping to awaken those sleeping around them, as we come into the light, into consciousness, that which has governed us for so long would be called out. “They,” have done much wrong  to hurt the great mother, and “we” have allowed this to occur.  So, now as the awakening is taking up the slack, all that is occurring is that, these corporations, governments, ways of thinking and being are coming to the light, are being seen, not for us to hate, no, for us to clear away. As if we have not washed our faces for a LONG time and now we need a good cleansing and facial. This is the coming home to God, this is THE HEAVENS OPENING and coming to EARTH, this that comes for us is the Great Promise incarnate into the physical reality.

This having been said, I now must speak to you about the earth changes that have  been coming upon us for the last thirty years, and have now picked up so much speed that is time for  the blind to SEE.

For over the last five years there has been an acceleration of the earth changes, call this global warming if you would like.  And, in the last year, we have accelerated in the earth changes as many times over  in one year as in the last 10 years, meaning in the last year we have had more unexplained, unusual earth phenomena  equal to what was going on 10 years prior. In 1999 I did a large group channeling in December of that year, I did this channeling at the prompting of spirit and the people, BECAUSE, so many people were freaking out about Y2K, over 100 people showed up  for this communion. What came out of this channeling was this, first that Y2K would be nothing, that the people were drawn there out of fear for what they thought was important.  And that two this was okay because spirit had much more to speak to them about.

Spirit at that time proceeded to speak about the coming years, saying that it was not 2000 that we had to worry about, that it was 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2010, 2011 and thereafter that were to be our concern.

And that we so thought, and were so worried about what the government was or was not doing to us  or for us that this would become non-sequitur, and the Great Mother would take over and that the government’s would fall to the wayside, to the back burners as you would say.

And, so this is where we stand now, we are at a precipitous of such complete transformation, a way is here that will not be denied or held back, a way of great light.

It has been said that 2012/2013 is not the time of great devastation , more so of great transition from within. I agree with this 100 percent, and I also say that the Great Mother has been sitting with her skirt crunched and crumbled up under her. She has now stood up and is shaking her skirt out, rearranging it, and is getting ready to sit down with an “ahhh,” cross her ankles, fold her hands in her lap, and look clearly forward so we can finally begin.

Without blame, it is a fact that we as a collective have allowed the Great Mother to become very polluted. Her/our oceans, waterways, land, air and even to her core.  We, many of us have been very irreverent to the workings and preciousness of our home in the physical. A home that is the physical manifestation of Heaven, our spiritual home. And, everything always makes it way back to the good, to the purity.

You see the Great Mother is getting ready to make her turn, 180 degrees and move up to position herself in her place on the spiral, the spiral will then rotate 180 degrees and move up into the 10th to 12th levels of reality. These levels of reality close to and sitting in the center of our God Head.  The beauty of this is without the Great Mother’s children being irreverent she may have never been able to move forward.

So, my friends, Dec 21st, 2012 is not the end of the world,  for  the two weeks prior and two weeks after there is to be a setting up process,  a switch being flipped so that this place will come to face 2013 square on.

Starting now until at least June of 2013 there will be major upheavals environmentally. The earth changes are now upon us with a fever, with an intent, with a need, to take the great mother and her children home, to bring heaven to earth. There is great possibilities of many more huge earthquakes are in the works, unexplainable weather, tsunami’s and landmass shifts are going to continue.   The core, the center of the Great Mother is very active now, very much awake. Areas of the earth, the world, where we would not to think to see earthquakes are going to rumble and roll. Deluge of rains, snow and heat will continue to restructure the environment. Please remember ALL OF THIS IS FOR PURIFICATION! Inside each of us,  as a community and for our home Great Mother Earth.

You will ask, where shall I go, where is safe. Fear not you will be shown where to go, how to live, how to be. That is why  now in your lives you are all being asked to learn how to pray properly, how to live right, how to come back to being GOOD people and unafraid to show this to each other.  You will know, you will see, all will be well.

The earth changes are a necessary factor in the redefining of the landmasses, for in her purification the Great Mother will re-assign the weather to the land masses in a different order. In doing so, she will cause us to come into our exalted divinity and clear authority of the truth. In this creation, a recreating we all have prayed for, is going to happen, in the physical we shall live as we do in spirit, in community, in the whole as the one for eternity.

Reading about the earth changes, knowing many of us will have to move and live in other places may be hard to read, may create fear. I am hoping not at all, and I am further hoping if it does, then just for a moment is it there with each of you, that you can move through it quickly into the teachings of trust, faith and surrender. To the prayers of Creator, God, all that is. What would you have me do, how would you have me live, where do you want me to be. How may I serve. Amen.

In addition, the atmosphere will clear physically and energetically, and finally those who helped to star seed us, those who have been helping and watching us, those of the council will be able to communicate with us without interference. And another completion shall occur, more exciting levels of realities will open above, and before us. Even more exciting, we then, as part of the whole, will with our thoughts, at our fingertips, and from our hearts be able to help create new realities based on and moving with and through the realities we already are aware of, and the realities we shall be shown. NOW, I know and feel what spirit has been saying for the last 30 years. LET THE GREAT PARTY BEGIN.

Amaya Victoria

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