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Whatever Lifts You Up

I am driving into LA on this Saturday morning, the sun is shining, 405N is relatively free of traffic. The traffic that is on the road is moving fast.

I am driving and talking to a friend on my cell (thank God for bluetooth). I am having a hard morning; for several years I have had an intense lesson around my health. All the pain that I could not release emotionally hit my physical system and I began in 2012 a 5 year period of great humbling and healing.

Some of this pain, this physical expression, was from the fact that I am a medium, an empath, and a healer. So, what was being taken from my gut and throat was not only my history and karma, but also the world’s suffering.

I was told early on, “A bout with Illness shall show a change in direction.” This is precisely what is happening for me now.

Yet I digress. Back to this Saturday morning, zipping up 405 to Venice Beach, Ca. Still on my bluetooth with my friend, literally yelling out my frustration, my hurt, and my belief that no matter what I would do, no doctor, no help from even the heavens would be coming to see me through and out the other side of this eye of the needle.

I know I have not been the first to suffer, nor will I be the last. At that moment though, all hope and belief felt like it had left me. I zip off 405 onto 90, off 90 to Lincoln Blvd, still venting. Coming down Lincoln Blvd there is a 7-11 about three blocks from my office. I occasionally stop here to get a protein bar and a bottle of water.

Today was one of those days. I turn into the parking lot, throw my car into park, and tell my friend that I need to go into the 7-11 to buy some food. Turning my head to my left, on the wall of a building facing the 7-11, is a mural. The wall has been painted black, a stencil of butterfly wings lay upon the black like a light in the darkness. The unhappiness of my mood is not lifting. Opening the door of the 7-11, I raise my sunglasses up, my eyes adjusting to the darker lighting. Getting my bearings, I look to my right at the counter, then to my left. I begin to swivel my body to make the left turn down the first aisle in the store. In my peripheral hearing I am aware of a family at the counter. The parents are conversing with the children; two young girls. Registering their activity I begin to turn left.

Without hesitation one of the two children begins to walk toward me. Looking up at me we lock eyes and hold eye contact. Not a word between us is spoken, the child holds my attention, she is holding her arm and hand out toward me. Taking direct notice of her hand, pinched between her thumb and forefinger held vertically, is a penny.

The child stops directly in front of me. This child is no more than five years old. I want to say, “No honey, take this back to your mother.” I am held tight by the sacredness of this moment. Without a word she waits, and waits, finally I take the penny from her hand.

Breaking eye contact, she makes her way quickly back to her mother’s side, and leans against her. That is all, as if our interaction never occurred. I feel the bubble of belief that God was not listening, that no help was coming for me, burst.

Going out to my car, I realize I had not purchased a bottle of water. Standing at the counter, waiting to pay for my second purchase, I say to myself, “Anything else God?” Moving to the door of the store after my purchase is complete, I look down. There, two steps before I am ready to push the door open to exit, is another penny. I am flabbergasted.

I sit in my car for a moment, sending a prayer of thanks out to God, to spirit, and to the heavens. I put the car in reverse. I look once again at the mural. There in the left hand corner is this inscription: “Whatever lifts you up.” Tears fill my eyes as I turn my head to look behind me to back out of the parking space.

I head to work totally relieved of my burden of distress. Reminded, once again, what I thought I had forgotten: Spirit is listening, watching, and here with us always.

May you find your pennies, on the days that are glorious for you, on the days when it feels like only the darkness exists.

May we all now find our pennies from heaven, as we begin our trek through Armageddon, which means “The lifting of the veils.”

So, let whatever lifts you come into your life in great abundance. Then offer to everyone and everything all of it, for that is true spirit.

– Amaya Victoria

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