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You Were Born This Way Baby!!!

Well, well, well great changes are not only in the air. Great changes are now manifesting themselves, right before our eyes. Some rightful, some destructive, some, well, some just unexplainable.

With the spirit of freedom, which is created out of our intent and our drive to do what is right, in this spirit of freedom let us first celebrate the ratification of same sex marriage.

Let us celebrate this so that our brothers, our sisters, our mothers, our fathers, our aunts, uncles, cousins, our family members, and our friends no longer have to suffer in great hurt and sadness. For you see, the gay rights issue was a real issue, yet it was not the true issue. The real issue was the darkness in which love was laying. For wherever love is foreshadowed, great pain will still exist.

With the ratification, the overturning of DOMA, another piece of the whole expresses God’s light. I have felt this place of stillness where before was agitation. I felt the day after DOMA went down, this quietness in the atmosphere, something had fallen into place.

In the indigenous cultures being “two spirited” is and has always been considered an auspicious and sacred life to live. The “two spirited” people, these people called that because the elders believe that they are the true and complete balance between the male and female aspects of self, have always been reverend. They were and are the medicine people, the bead makers, the makers of beauty, and the seers. This balance that is each of those considered “two spirited” allows for them to be the carriers of the clans, or communities essence. The true bridges between spirit and earth, this is a sacred position indeed. So yes, let us give praise for this piece falling into place.

Now then let us turn back to many of the tasks still at hand.

There is still much to bring from the dark, our Great Mother needs our help, we must now send her our healing and light so that she may finish igniting inside of herself, in her core to become the true star she is.

The Great Mother still has this transition to complete, for as she becomes the star that she is to be, our planet will have a huge influence on the spiral, where all creation exists. In this powerful time we are also in transmutation, literally our cellular structures via DNA mutation, our emotional structures via emotional healing, and our mental structures via mental clearing is setting the stage for our morphing into the new human.

We are becoming beings of tone, sound, light and energy.

The potential of great earth changes are very high, the significant action is that we become generous in our natures so that if there is the lack of water, food or shelter we will without hesitation share amongst ourselves, with each other.

In addition it is time we fully turn our attention to feeding mother earth, through sacred sound ( in sound chambers ) or sitting on the earth, with our voices, our instruments, our beings. Via laying literally on the great mother with our chests pressing down on her, transporting to her from ourselves and from the heavens pure light, some of you may say you have been taught not to use your energy for healing, this is true in many given cases. The fact is that we are HUGE energy sources to begin with and in this case it is safe and necessary to feed the Great Mother in this way.

Sitting on the earth and directing energy to her core is also helpful. Praying in great thanks for her and our home here is necessary. Cultivating the ability to farm, garden and go green is important. Mostly, for this blog, everything, anything that you do to bring energy, love, respect and gratefulness to her will work wonders.

The potential of groups of people leaving the planet is still high.

While we look at this potential in this moment let us pray for the easy and sweet transition for those souls who left us in the fires of Arizona, for their families, that they may be protected emotionally, physically and financially as the grieve and mourn the passing of those dear to their hearts. One of the men I respect on this planet and whom is a way shower, Uqualla has called this group our mercenaries of light.

Please note this blog was written before the crash on Saturday 7/6/13 of the Boeing 777.

So may we have tears for these people, for the people, for all our people.

May our tears for our people now cool the fears of suffering all over the planet, in every way possible, may every nook and cranny of unfinished business be loosened and washed into the middle of the river.

May our tears soothe and cool the heart of the great mother, bringing her healing.

May our tears quiet our hearts and allow us to look up at each other and begin to make our way home.

May this now be the forward movement of our walk about. May we put down our defense and pick up our natures of service and without question pay it all forward. Because BABY WE WERE BORN THIS WAY!!!

Several years ago a client came in for her regularly scheduled appointment. Early on in one of our first sessions together as I was doing body work on her I leaned towards her and told her she was an alchemist, ( later I had to look that word up myself as I was not sure of its definition). Simply put an alchemist is someone who has a belief in the inexplicable, causing the ability to manifest the impossible, i.e. taking silver and making it into gold.

Many, many sessions later this same client arrived for her scheduled appointment, sitting down in the chair across from me and with eyes aflame and wide, her face filled with absolute wonder and shock, she proceeded to tell me about her experience several days before.

She was walking to her office, which is in the center of Los Angeles, as she is walking down the street towards her office; she happened to look up, and there, much to her surprise, approaching, coming towards her from a great height and at great speed was a red tailed hawk.

Remember this is in the middle of Los Angeles at lunchtime, asphalt streets, busy crowded concrete sidewalks, tall buildings, cars. Not much environment, not many trees, grassy knolls, streams and rivers.

This red tail hawk was coming down from a great height, there about 20 feet in front of her and about 10 feet above her the red tail catches a pigeon, flies over the top of her head and then back in front of her. This hawk then lands gracefully not 10 feet in front of her and begins to eat its lunch. My client is without words, her mouth open, staring at this hawk, not making a move, not taking a step.

As she is standing there in amazement a gentleman walks around and by her, not paying attention to, perhaps not seeing the hawk, when my client finished telling me this story, I said to her, this does not surprise me; you are an alchemist, not a mystic, an alchemist. Alchemist’s have inexplicable happenings, their lives are unexplainable.

I tell you this story, because in truth this story, this magic is for all of you. You all are alchemists, magicians, mystics, sages and wisdom keepers. Remember this, because, Baby You Were Born This Way!

In the song by Lady GaGa, “Baby You Were Born This Way” which is the title I am using as a jumping off point for this blog. At the end of this song she sings “same DNA.”

This is a great and absolute truth, we are not so different from each other at all, even beyond our genetic DNA, we have the same energetic DNA, the same spiritual DNA, that we have come here to fling out, seed down, spread around. it is the divinity of all creation, we cannot stop this nor help ourselves, because, Baby, We Were Born This Way.

You Were Born This Way Baby! Oh yes, you are human with all the trappings and ticking’s that go along with being human, AND! YOU were born a huge spirit, filled with the dance of life.

Many of you are not gay, yet you may have been ridiculed, shamed, for your family, your face, your body, your laugh, your personality, your very essential nature. I tell you there is no hopelessness here, those were HUGE lessons, which are now finishing, and we are almost there.

So come with me now, as we baptize each other in the sacred waters of life. Lean back as several of us hold you, gently placing you in this ocean, hold your breath, here, as you go under, lifted out, cleansed, anew, alive, awake. To see, to see, Baby You Were Born This Way, and it is a very good thing.

Now, now we will hunker down for a bit, allowing the diseased darkness, the slings, the arrows, to fly over our heads as we finish becoming beyond our imaginations who we truly are. We will stand up, rise up, and become the creators of this world.

It is time my friends, to get into the group channeling circles, group meditations, group prayer circles, reiki circles, etc, Why? You will ask.

Because there comes a moment when you are in these circles that you forget to be guarded, you forget that you are afraid of each other. When this happens a streak of silver light goes from the group out into a layer of stratosphere around the earth that is now coming into birth. This level of stratosphere is filled with light, prayer, good intent, love and spirit. So now go find the groups, and get out of your little selves.

Sit with others, let them love you, so you will surely know. It is magnificent That You Were Born This Way.

You are a magnificent energy source manifest into paradise to create heaven on earth, and you were born for this task, BABY YOU WERE BORN THIS WAY!

With great honor and joy for each of you,

~ Amaya Victoria

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