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11:11 The Ascension Affect

“True Ascension, bringing the heavens to earth.” ~ Amaya Victoria

11:11, almost daily for many years now I have looked up from what I was doing, glanced at the clock and noticed that it was 11:11. For many years now I have been asked, I have heard the question asked out loud “11:11, there it is again on my clock. 11:11, I just saw it again last night, what does this mean, why am I seeing 11:11?”

For many years I was not getting an answer to this question, at least nothing that satisfied me. I had accepted that this answer was not forthcoming.

And as the universe would do, in its wondrous sweet way, the answer came when I was least expecting it.

On Thursday evenings I have the privilege to facilitate my online “Circling the Heavens” meditation and healing circle (more about the group in another blog.) Men and women come from all over the country, the world, to participate in this wonderful experience.

A bit ago on a Thursday evening we were finishing up our meditation. As I always do I asked if anyone would like to share their experience from the evening. Immediately one of the members wrote on the cue, “at one point out of nowhere I saw 11:11 as clear as day in my mind. You had not suggested anything even close to stimulate this experience.” Another member came back quite quickly stating “yes, I saw 11:11 at the same exact point during our meditation. What does this mean?” I was taken by surprise for neither of these two people have met each other, nor were they in any way conversing before or during the meditation.

Then in that moment it came to me why so many people, so often were seeing 11:11.

We are in the time that will allow us to trust each other again, to get safe with the community love. In doing so we are becoming the walking geometric structure of the eight sided Star of David. The five words to be used during this period so that we live these words are: Community, Connection, Communicate, Continuity and Flourish.

In the movie Aviator the essential underlying message was that everything is connected to everything. In one of the most powerful scenes of this movie the community was sitting in circle, rows and rows of community naturally opening themselves up to allow their essential nature, which is pure energy, to connect with their earth, each other and to one of their own whose life they tried to save.  Their concern was not for themselves individually, their concern was for the whole, and the continuity of such, therefore supporting the survival and flourishing of their community.

In actuality this is who we truly are. We each are tall meridian laden energy beings, having birthed into different shaped and colored bodies. Yet the message is the same, we are connected to each other, to everything.

This is in direct relation to 11:11 This ascension will be from the activation of the promise made to and by the 144,000 who were told that they would be the ones to stay after the great conclusion of the old world. This 144,000 were told that they would get the privilege to be here for the great party.

When the numbers 11:11 hit the back of your retina it is activating in your brain stem the memory of the 144,000. Allowing for an awakening of a path of neurological memory within the center of your brain.

This is a reminder to the original 144,000 of the coming times and their purpose in this world. Which is for each  to become the lay lines of energy to hold the structure of light still. So that there will be enough safety and peace for the changes of the coming times. Then for the 144,000 to be able to construct a webbing of light for the new structure that is birthing.

In addition the 144,000 have the responsibility to pass on the energetic knowledge of their agreements so that there is a greater possibility of many more than the original 144,000 to survive and enjoy life on the physical realm

11:11 is to remind you again and again of the coming times. When you see 11:11 there is an additional stimulation that will cause a desire to flourish in a deeply loving, spiritual manner and to also ignite your memory that this place, your life and all creation are of a sacred purpose.

The desire to ascend is not a strange nor ridiculous prayer. True ascension is coming, yet this ascension is going to be quite different then you may expect.

As this transformation is fulfilled the heavens shall come to earth filling the great mother with the pure light of eternity, feeding her. Then, in turn, our earth shall rise up to the heavens, the marriage between heaven and earth will finally be known and seen. After this the earth shall move into the spiral and all shall be complete once again.

As always, my wish for each of you is that you know peace, that your heart sings,  and of all  these things that your life and world becomes a sanctuary where truly the birds may come to rest and sing their songs of sweetness all the days of your life.

As always in great honor to serve I am

~ Amaya Victoria

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