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May I Place Others Before Me


I was sitting in traffic today; this is LA, much of what I do when I am traveling to and from my office via the car is for awhile each day I sit in traffic.

So, I was sitting in traffic today waiting to go ahead, to move forward, and to my right was a car attempting to come out of a small side street and to traverse, across four lanes on Lincoln Blvd to make the left into the lanes of traffic moving in the opposite direction that myself and many other people were traveling.

This in itself on this road is a major project. Now, one of the things with LA drivers is, having sat in traffic so many times themselves, all these drivers, that they do one of two things, DO NOT let you go, or open the way so you may pass on through, around or across. I know that LA drivers are really in many ways no different than many drivers in other states of the country. Like other areas of the country, particularly the east coast, some of the drivers have more manners than others.

And, given that this blog is not really, in the end about LA, or LA drivers the point is almost moot. So, the car, driven by this gentleman was attempting to come on out of this very small street to my right. I noticed this for I began to slow down when I noticed the driver in the car in the lane to my right, slow down and stop. I slowed and stopped also, causing an opening, a space between myself and the car in front of me. It was really then that I noticed this car trying to come across four lanes on a busy LA main street. Needless to say, as this space was opened up by myself and the car next to me, this car, this man inched his car out and then made his way into the center of the street, hesitating once again, and as if by some magical coordination, the lanes to his right, oncoming traffic now by his standards was spaced so that he could then without effort, as if by magic merge onto the lanes going south on Lincoln blvd.

Okay, so you will ask yourself and even me, what in the world, why in the world would I be writing about this event, an event that happens a million times a day all around the country. You may even say to yourself. Where is she going with this, what is the point. Okay, so, here are the points, the correlation, the metaphor s I would like to pull together here in this blog.

First, I did not mention, that I was so deeply touched by the look of happiness on this man’s face as he was able to get across those three, four lanes without difficulty or harm. The look of, I would say Joy, as if he at that moment was given a gift, the gift of him feeling that he was loved by God. That he was given the gift of perhaps feeling that deep warmth, that an impossible situation was made possible by and out of the kindness from others. This miracle as small as it may seem, as much of a day to day happening as it is, as we see it, as we overlook this small thing everyday, many times during the day is really and unexplainable happenstance that occurs all day long, everyday to each of us. These miracles, these acts of consideration, kindness, therefore an aspect of love is motivated by the decisions we each make in our worlds with, for and towards each other.

I saw on this man’s face the gift of love. Love presented to him, not so much from strangers, not even so much from God. Love presented to him for the collective, from that natural state of grace that each of us carries, a want to give to each other. I saw, and felt what I have had happen to me. That in that one moment of a simple prayer, a small prayer, such as “please God let me get across this street.” Please God help me” Please God see me through.” I saw on this man’s face as he moved by in his car and held his hand up in the motion of thank you, the light and joy that occurs when one’s prayers have been answered.

Now you may say to yourself, to me, that I may have been projecting my own thoughts or feelings on this man. I can say in return, that in this case what I saw was true. I saw a healing occur. For each time we are given that moment of relief, and a healing does occur for us. Our task is to collect those moments of light, gather them and consume them so they become us, and so that we not only remember those moments particularly when things are not going our way . We are to consume this light, so that we may give it on to others.

Also, in this metaphor is this reality. Many times others, situations and even prayers will be denied. Many times others, such as other drivers, will not give way. Many times those drivers, those people, situations that refuse to give way, out of ego, anger, the belief in separation or interference, are coming from an old paradigm of suffering. Yes many times out of the scowling of darkness, , the way will be blocked. Fear not, for even in these places of dark ego, and unrelenting arrogance the light will find the way through. For, just like yesterday, at that given moment I was one of the several that held up traffic. The light will find a way to open the doors, to bring the joy, and to create a relief of happiness beyond our wildest dreams.

So I say, fear not so much in your lives, take the risk, as that driver did today. Take that risk of saying to yourselves.” There is just no way is anyone going to let me across these four lanes, yet I must try anyway.” Or even better, “I believe that I shall be lead in the correct manner across the street.”

I offer you this, take this metaphor, the parable and turn it into a belief, this belief being “The way shall be made clear for me to proceed. I am and shall always be in the hands of God, creator/creation and all that is. I have faith.” AMEN. I believe that then in this way, in this truth, the cars will stop the way shall be made clear, you shall proceed towards your destination in ways and experiences greater than you ever imagined.

On an ending note my friends, I ask you this. Can you be the one today to clear the way for another, to make clear, to open the door and to stand aside as another goes before you? With much Love, in complete Joy.

Amaya Victoria

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