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Messages From the Angels

This work that you are about to read was written almost two years ago. I have kept it close, until now. We are in dire and serious times. The worst of times, which if we can so evolve fully, will become the best of times.

In this light I offer you this information, for your solace, hope and continuation along your walk about. I am also offering up this information in preparation of the information that will be following this writing.

For what is coming needs to be preempted by the voices, wings of the angels and masters whom so helped to bring all this into creation. The Angels and Masters must come forth first to create a very tight ring around our circles of communities for protection and upliftment.

Additionally so,  in this ring of frequency, they will be the heralders for the coming information on Atlantis that is now ready to be reknown, reshown, remembered by all whom will stay for the great party. As always my deepest intent to serve is within all this.

~ Amaya

It is time for us to speak to you as personably and clearly as possible, know for sure that the information we provide for you here is a mere touch of all that is truly of who we are. Like you, we are beyond description, explanation, or story. Yet for the completion of “as above so below,” we do the best we can is giving you this. The vibration of the words is the most important experience we all wish for you, grow and prosper; this is the call and need. We love you, The Brotherhoods, Sisterhoods of light.


Creator and guardian of the Lord’s creation known as earth, he is also the keeper of all the earth’s sister realities. The keeper of the gate, Archangel Michael is the carrier of God’s voice.

He stands in the position of the east, holding the door open for the beginning of all forms of creation, through processes of thought forms and possibilities. He governs passion, he honors; hold forthright his service to Christ. The eternal flame, compassionate heart both represented and guarded by Christ itself. He is the watcher of the seed of creation that sits agitated, ready to birth forth in each human soul’s chest.

He helped to form and create the heavens. Taking from the heavens, God’s prayer of “Who shall go for me,” a handful of seeds thrown forth into the unformed etheric energy. These seeds being God’s love known as soul. He bows his head in honor and service to the lord and the Christ manifest.

He is the power source, a form of leadership that is in direct relationship with the other six archangels. He is though and always will be a part of their circle, neither more or less. Honoring the other archangel’s forte’s and wishes.

He is the lover of humanity.

He says, “Behold the children of GOD for they have been anointed with the potential drive and prayer of heaven to earth.” Amen


The representation of hope, healing and truth. Gabriel leans towards God with his left ear, listens for direction on how to slay the demons of mans thoughts. He is God’s hit man in many ways. Gabriel has been associated as the bringer of peace to humankind. What is really true is that like Michael, Gabriel also sits on the back of a dragon, swooping down into the fray of humankind’s insanity. With the sword of Yeshua Ben Yosef (Jesus Christ) cuts of the heads (metaphorically) of humankind, to stop the “evil” of their ways. Attempting to bring peace to people’s lives.

Gabriel, the intermediary between heaven and earth, bringing kind words, messages to people’s minds and hearts, he breaths into the left ear of women and men the word of God, the blesser of creation, the anointed one who blesses the soul as it begins to enter the body of a fetus in utero, or just before birth.

Gabriel goes over the game plan, or blueprint of the individual’s life. He always focus’s with the soul coming in, about the joy, positive potential and good outcomes. Acknowledging any struggle or suffering. Nodding, then kissing the crown of the energetic and physical body of the soul coming into this world, at the moment of birth Gabriel touches the upper lip of the newborn to infiltrate peace into their heart and mind.

His words are this “Shhhhh…..peace be with you all. I am here now as the main guardian, because of these times of great changing. To herald in PEACE ON EARTH TO ALL MEN AND WOMEN.”  Amen


God’s healer of the earth, the heavens, of all humankind, all creation, Raphael represents the balance between the male and female in all forms. Raphael is the least called upon. Raphael is underestimated, undervalued creation of god. She/he is the creator of divine, complete healing.

Raphael is represented by the olive branch head piece. She/he is the healer of human physical and emotional ailments. He/she helps those who are ready to pass over. She/he is a deep lover for the children and elderly. Raphael is a very gentle soul.

She/he comes in times of crisis, to bring blessings of joy. She/he is the keeper of the cherubs and the newborns up to eight months old.

She/he is close to the planet now because of its great need for healing. Her/his tone is the tone of laughter. Her/his heart is the heart of deep compassion.

Her/his words are these “OH, sweet ones I weep tears of compassion, I have tender love for your poor begotten hearts. I am the angel of the heart, come to me now in prayer and meditation to be healed. Have your hearts restructured. Cease all battle, for I weep for all that you are doing to yourselves. I love you. Please take heed now of what your hearts are saying. Not your anger or fear. My task on this place is now so intimate. Pray to me for I am here to bring you home to God.”  Amen


I REPRESENT YOUR LIGHTS. The light of God. The light of the universe and eternity, with great interest I and God, all of us watch you, humankind, to see how you will handle coming into your own. You are becoming your own angels. Will you listen now, deeply? To the seed place in each of you that now awakens, unfurls the directions home.

These directions given to you and yours for over 10,000 years from generation to generation, these directions you can now read and understand. You have learned HTML well, for those of you panicked, not proficient in HTML do not worry, and others will help.

You have the road map home. Come now, come home. Home is inside of you, home is where the heart is. Rise up now, some literally, most metaphorically to heaven, grab it and bring it back to where it has always belonged on earth. After a matter of time earth will have transmuted significantly to rise up and place itself back into the spiral. This will cause a mutating effect. Allowing the spiral to turn clockwise 90 degrees, moving up, away into the 12th and 13th  dimensions.

I have held the light for many centuries now. I will always represent the light of God. Yet, get ready to be mature enough to take from me God’s promise, and to spread God’s light far and wide.

I am the guardian for the doorway to the Christ light. It/he speaks into my right ear. I serve his/its wishes. I am not the Christ light. I am the light before the Christ light. I carry the keys to the light of Christ, to your hearts. Take them from me now. Surely, you are the ones you have been waiting for. Soon and for always you will live, and share the light of Christ forever.  Amen

Archangel Raquel:

My name is Raquel. I am the historian for humanity. My work is to count the souls life and death process. What I mean by this is that I watch as the soul’s life path is being inscribed into the book of life before birth. I oversee as the lords of creation are setting up the grid of life around the soul for each particular birth.

I was developed, born out of the need for structure and form I walk very closely with Gabriel , the blesser of birthing or birth, and Krishna, the creator/teacher of reason and form. In addition, I also oversee the doings of each soul, making sure of the absorption into the records particularly the upper level absorption of all information learned and experienced particularly of the mental bodies.

I have the capacity to drive down the mental experience of living even while the soul is in human form. Allowing for this information to go into the heart of the human soul for further development.

I work closely with Metatron, to make sure that the fires of truth, which guide humanity, are kept alit in the DNA memory of each soul and of the collective. I tally up, count heads. When souls return to the upper realms I put back on the shelves the book of learning. My work appears to be more clerical. Yet, I along with Remiel and Suriel helped to bring together the genetic and energetic proposition for the Hathors, whom became another brotherhood of the heavens.

I say to all of you “Verily, verily, now go forth with great consideration of your brethren’s life. For in saving or helping them, you save yourself. I hold the vision of humanity; I am the holder of the books of life.” Amen

Archangel Remiel:

So much has been said, shall be said for eternity about us your hierarchy of angels. So little is said about GOD, the master source of all life, all desire to live and love.  I am the caller, creator, holder for passion, using this passion, which is the alchemists medium, to create form from light. Take this form; crack it open, so that the light may shine through. So the form may become a light form again.

I am the caller of God’s word, “Let there be light.” At this time I stand with my legs spread in a wide V, my feet firmly planted. I am assured and concerned with the flourishing of the children of God. I am the guardian of God within the community of human soul kind’s hearts. I guard the desires, dreams and hopes of all humanity. I am the keeper of the staff that Moses and Jesus carried. The staff you each hold in your left hand, using it to help you up and down the mountains, hills, and valleys in your walk of life.

I am the keeper of the plants, flowers, the vegetables and fruit for all living beings on earth. My concern is for the physical reality in itself and the healing of such. I love you all very much. Come to me when your brow is sweaty, you thirst. Rest, lay back in my lap, place your head against my chest and I will cool your  thoughts, feed your hopes, passions and desires.

I say, “Look with great love, with great smiles, with great joy upon each other. There is no better time than now to finally accept your place in the realm of heaven. Accepting that your kingdom is here on earth, make this a rich kingdom with great abundance, with more than enough for all. “  Amen

Archangel Sureil:

There are so many more angels unmentioned in your life’s entire walk, in the teachings of your world. Yet worry not, you need not know of each of us. We are here to help, we want you to flourish. I speak now of the designed prayer of creation which each of you took in your left fist as you were born placing it into your hearts. This designated claiming of the land of God within. So that you would during this exalted time come to love earth and each other in peace. I am of the ancient ones. I cannot tell you how long I have been, nor how I was created. All I know is that since my first thought all I have wanted to do is spread love. I represent the happy heart. The unhindered expression of love, the river of love that must touch and wet down all realities.

I am one of the angels known to be a slayer of dragons and demons. I say this is a misrepresentation; I do burn down the fields, yet only when they are of no use any longer, so the ash may be turned into the soul  for fertile ground once again.

I am the door opener for the three main masters. My message is: “Hark and hear the angels sing, be still and know there is a god.” Amen


DANCE! Let your souls spread themselves through your body. Who told you, you could not dance. Untrue.  Flourish. Who told you, you needed to be sad or unhappy. Wrong.

I, Krishna, was birthed to carry to your reality, the beginning of higher reasoning. I, like Buddha and Christ came long before the true dark ages, so the webbing would be in place for the coming times. Creating a new human kind soul, please notice that the word kind is at the end of the description.   What kind of human are you? Can you let the kindness pour out of you? Will you allow yourself to be lead by unreasonable kindness?

I am the master of reasoning. This is the higher reasoning. You call these things, miracles.

I am the master of universal reasoning, divine reason, and therefore eternal reason. I represent the releasing of the divine light through movement, dance and breath.

I encourage each of you to not look for the reason or the reasons for your life. I encourage each of you to open the KRISHNA in you and just allow the reasoning to express itself without explanation.

Here is the task, allow your form to be the reason you are alive, allow the reason you are alive to become the expression of your divine self in joy. Dance, sweet children of God, I came before Buddha and Christ, because this is the world of form, thought forms, reasoning, physical structure created from a higher form of being. I came before Buddha and Christ so that your forms would be ready for peace and love.

I came before, so that Buddha and Christ would have form to present themselves and their teachings from. Blessings to all, I AM KRISHNA.


Peace is with each of you. It is funny that I would represent peace when in life I was at first a very unhappy man.  I was born a normal human in that lifetime to be able to root home Krishna’s form of physical structure. I was driven inward by my own demons, so that I would become an example of transformation and of acceptance. I came to show myself and this world  both sides of the light and the dark.

I learned through my years of suffering that no emotion, physical ailment, mental  torture, or loss is meant as punishment. I came at a time to become the visionary for meditation, meditation as a way out of suffering and into the peace of the heavens. I used my words and emotions to hone others, in discipline, to be able to live with honesty, in truth and integrity.  Without being disciplined in honesty, truth and integrity you shall have no peace.

I say, “Peace be with each of you, as it is on earth and heaven, forever.”  Amen

JESUS CHRIST (Yeshua Ben Yosef):

Behold the glory of the house of GOD and all creation. When I was a child I was anointed to be the caller with my words and my life on how humankind would ascend back to the kingdom of heaven. I was taught by many masters in Asia, Peru and India.

I was born to love others. I came so my words would be the call out for what was coming. My life and teachings are about love. My teachings are about the holiness of the heavens, the house of God.  My brothers before me set the foundation with form and peace; I bring you the waters of life via love. In love you thrive, with love you live, of love you are.

My birth, teachings, death, resurrection and ascension was to represent the full cycle of humankind. Individually and as a whole, you are born, you live to learn and love, you die, and you ascend. You go on living forever.

My ascension allowed me to become two whole souls. One who became a man and lived in India until I died an old man. The other soul took its place on the right side of God.

I am your beloved. Which I mean is, I hold the love you yet cannot express. I am of the teachings of our universe. My father, our God will become the bible in your hearts. You will become the love, the teachings of all ways, higher ways and beyond.

Make yourselves proud now. Do what is right. Love one another, as I have loved you.  Of all mercy, grace, kindness, peace, and love, the greatest of these is Love.

I watch now, I wait with many others. Go forth and do what you were born to do. Which is to bring heaven to earth.


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