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The Heavens Are As Close As Your Prayer

Reconnection With Your Guidance Systems

My Friends, in the last three weeks, in every case of communication via one of my clients, or a group of individuals looking for direction from myself, Amaya, and or from the group I channel Isaiah what has been coming forward, besides gracious and great information from Isaiah is this push for each of you to please come to your guidance systems much more often.

For some reason in the last many years you have forgotten, moved away from the most profound support that you have via spirit. Your guides,  I have found this fascinating and making true sense to me. Of course, it seems that we have needed to go miles to the BIG one’s for our answers, our information.

I see this not right or wrong, I see and feel this to be true and good for each of you, and I believe that there is now the need for balance and equal to this the need for each of you to bring and get the information closer to “home.”

I believe this practice will begin the teachings of “listening to one’s own self,” and in order for each of you to trust yourselves, you must first practice this by trusting those in spirit whom are “closer” to you.

Your guidance system, please note, for some of you, there will be a shared guidance system, or you will share guides amongst yourselves. Not necessarily from those that are close to you.  Worry not in this as your guides will not be spread too thin, there is enough to around for  all of you.

From what I see it is time for each of you to know the joy of all lessons, now it is the lessening experience, not the learning experience that must occur. For it is in learning you will grow, it Is in growing that you shall expand, it is in expanding that, it is in this expansion that your GOD will become something else, and all will come home.

It is in this becoming something else that all creation becomes “happy” once again. I have come to know that it is time to get rid of the belief that learning is drudgery, hurtful, based in shame or harm.

NO,  the new learning is this, the growth from the unknown, into the known, the expansion from the known into the knowledge that all that has been already created you are just now  experiencing, The learning and from this experiencing opens the portals to another level  of the unknown, this level of unknownness, is where each of you will begin to help to develop an creation that has never ever existed before.

All the realities, all the universes are so excited for this to so occur. And so, first the joy for living that you all so hold within your very hearts shall burst forth, and you each then will understand the word “BEHOLDEN”  as your true nature and spirit-angel selves. Yes, your tender joy shall fill the atmosphere and then the raining down of love so shall  occur.

It then would make sense that you must trust so deeply self, and to do so you must then trust those close to you, you own guides.  It is time, to take time to commune with them, sit still, be quiet, center and listen. Listen with your breath, your heartbeats, your inner child, listen with the heart self soul. For those whom are assigned to you want you to succeed, they want you to dance in joy over your perfection, your imperfection, your failures, mistakes, and achievements. They want you to “FEEL” them, to HEAR their voices, to TASTE their presence. For they hold for you the memory of exalted joy, deep freedom, comfort and nurturance. Their task is to hand this on to the angels of earth.  So heaven shall be of this place, from now on until eternity.

Go now, go and pray, listen, and follow. Go now, get close to those intimate with your lives, those whom have loved you since the beginning of time, whom have wept for you in both compassion and joy, those who have carried your mantle. They are not your servants, they are but of service to you. They shall never leave you, no, when the souls of your world come into their own, the veils shall lift and then, finally you will know these ones deeply, once and for all.

The channels, those of the big groups do not mind you coming to them again and again, yet do not forget at your “fingertips” are those eager to help you. Come to them my friends, now first and foremost, for they will heal your hearts and bring you home to yourselves, the masters that you are, forever.


With all my respect and love,

Amaya Victoria

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