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The New Way Is Upon Us

My Friends, it is with the utmost pleasure that I and the Amaya Center announce two new venues that I will have the honor of facilitating. The first starting this coming Monday night (August 6th) I will be leading a new radio show, at least for me, on Radio A1R, and the second will be a live video meditation presented on Our Ascension.



Start Date: 08/6/2012 Time: Every Monday evening at 9pm ET, 8pm CT, 7pm MT, 6pm PT.

Amaya Victoria is a healer, visionary, channel, and spiritual teacher. Amaya has had the privilege and honor of helping others heal deeply and completely for over 30 years. Seeing magnificent changes and transformations in her clients. Amaya is an Oracle bringing to her clients and to this world the words from the higher realms that call out to and help to change the vision and frequency of this reality.

In her radio show “MESSAGES TO THE WORLD”, Amaya will bring spirit close to speak to you intimately and with great love and wisdom. Amaya’s mission is to help you to remember, hear, and feel your soul’s purpose.

Come close now to spirit to absorb their love. And in deep communication receive answers to your deepest hopes, desires, prayers and questions.

A1R Links


The second, starting next Thursday, August 9th, 2012 on a wonderful site based on face book called Our Ascension I will be leading an 1 hour ( or more ) meditation and discussion group.

Circling the Heavens with Amaya Victoria Location: OUR ASCENSION/FACEBOOK

Start Date: 08/09/2012 Time: Every Thursday at 10pm ET, 9pm CT, 8pm MT, 7pm PT

In each of us is the coded memory of who we really are. A memory that we cannot deny, nor resist, this memory is a combination of the great spirit, God, the holy spirit, soul and the dance of the divine. Come join Amaya each week as we meditate together to activate the internal/eternal memory of the dance of spirit/soul. This dance is a collective dance between spirit in the unseen realms and us in the physical realm.

We are arriving at the Great Times on this planet. We are the bridges, the conduits, the angels that will facilitate and bring heaven to earth finally. In order for this to happen it is important that we be as healthy, happy, clear, spiritually and emotionally fit as possible.

Each week Amaya Victoria, a healer, visionary and spiritual teacher will call open the meditation with a prayer calling spirit in the unseen realms close and then will lead the group in a specific meditation based on a particular topic or need for the group. This topic or need will always be based on the essential nature of soul which is to express joy.

Come join us in this group experience to take a deep breath out and rest easy in the energy of the divine. Allowing you to soften and open to the beauty of the dance of your soul.

Time will be allowed for discussion on the meditation, or for any spiritual questions. Occasionally spirit will be welcomed in to speak to the group as needed. The meditation will be closed with a prayer.

TO ATTEND: Simply go to the Group Meditation page, log in with your Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Yahoo! account or log in as a guest. Video/audio broadcast is available for the first 12 participants. All participants are welcome to listen to broadcast and interact via chat.

Our Ascension Links


I am very excited to participate in both of these venues, my excitement is for all of you (as well as for myself.) For I see, and not just because I am facilitating these two venues, and I have foreseen this time period coming this portal for the essence of God.

If we look around us, we will see all of the sprouting, and flourishing of the new way. Like strong and beautiful subtle flowers in a garden long neglected and judged as ugly. You see, I believe that this coming, which has subtly and yet loudly announced itself many years ago. Has now rooted itself in well and planted many seeds that are trying to overrun this garden of weeds.

Many years ago I channeled that there would come a time that this world would be flooded with the books, the music, the shows both on television and radio (spirit never mentioned the internet to me), maybe they did not have words for it then.

And so let’s take a moment and stop and feel with our antennae from our soul and listen with our deep soul’s ears. Look around even physically, look and see and be glad. For now the wave becomes strong.

The final movement of this will continue for the next three years. Yet the whip like effect around the corner, from December 1, 2012 to January 9th, 2012, or there about. Will have a fury and intensity, even what appears to be violence to it. Fear not, for this will be just what it needs to set off the jet’s to get us around this very important corner.

I will be so happy to see, hear and meet all of you.

With much love always, Amaya Victoria

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