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The Rising of the Great Father

And Papa I don’t think I said “I love you” near enough. -Dan Fogelberg

For the last 30 years, almost as long as I have been in the healing arts the focus has been on the healing and awakening, of the Great Mother, and of the feminine. This time of great healing and acknowledgement of the great feminine has been sacred and powerful. The time of healing the “mother” wound, the wound of the women of the planet, those alive and those who have passed on is now finished.

We women have finished the task of healing our beings from generations of flawed action, behavior, treatment and belief. Allowing then for us as a collective, and perhaps as individuals to become women of the sun, moon, and earth. Opening the portals for the heavens, the divine mother of the heavens, to flood the nature of earth with great love. Even more importantly peace.

In this process, for this purpose, we, the women incarnate, have prepared the way for those born as men in this lifetime to be able to be baptized in the waters of pure divine love. Of course we as women, as individuals have had many other tasks, agreements and healing to do in specific terms. Yet for this blog I would like to focus on this one profound, sacred individual and collective act.

In fact this blog will not be about the women, us as women. Quite to the contrary, this blog will be about and for the men, the masculine. I would like my voice to be one of those many voices now calling to, comforting, and announcing the homeward walk for the men of this planet.

Over a year ago I was facilitating my Thursday night online meditation group “Circling the Heavens.” During the meditation I “saw” the finished product born from the healing of the hearts, minds and bodies of the women of all communities. This vision was as such: I was standing on a grassy knoll overlooking the banks of a large and fast flowing river. The waters of this river were pure, clean, and clear. My sense at that moment was that I was watching the feminine in its true nature.

The information I heard was very clear. “The women of the planet are becoming part of the platinum ray and this ray (represented by the rushing river) is now purified. Men can now come to its shores and be baptized back into a free life.”

I passed this information on to the group I was working with that night, this group was composed of all women. Over the last year and half this vision and this message has been brought to my attention again and again.

This blog is about men from all walks of life, all generations, the healing of the fathers, grandfathers, sons and brothers of our world. The healing and release for those men still alive and those in spirit. The fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers in spirit who want to speak to their son’s, grandsons and brothers just one more time.

For so many years the masculine has had to absolve itself from the compassion, understanding and love that so governs our planet. This absolving has played out as the control of our government, the violence from and of our men. Creating a propensity for the masculine, towards denial and ultimately the attempting of self-destruction. Men attempting to self-destruct , bringing self-destruction to this planet, taking this reality to the brink of the ultimate destruction the ending of life as we know it on earth.

Not all men are of violence, not all men are of destruction, and not all men are of denial. In fact, in the face of daunting odds, the men, the masculine on this planet is making a turn around. A complete cycle is finishing.

Many generations ago, in the time that we call our ancestors, of primitive human, in indigenous cultures it was the women who governed and were the council that lead most villages and tribes. For many reasons and purposes this balance was tipped and the men took over as the leaders of our world.

In this place of great rebalance, as the scale tips in what appears as a dangerous liaison, a testing of the balance and boundaries of our very creation the men are being asked to turn and look, really admit that they have hearts, that they have carried such fear, such anger and such wisdom.

Believe it when it is said that the masculine of our world has been filled with great shame and fear. Shame for their behavior towards the feminine, the earth and God. In addition, due to the rift between father and son, brother to brother, a great sorrow, a deep weeping in their hearts, has caused a confusion, a destitution. Now with the grace of prayer, men are coming out of the shadows to truly change.

Remember men love too. I have two brothers, and what I know about both of them is that my brothers are caring, “sensitive” and loving men. From what I have witnessed they had been burdened by my father’s violence, and my mother’s suffering in a way that has been very different from my suffering.

This is the time of the great destruction of men’s suffering. This is the time for the masculine’s great reconstruction into a profound expression of trust, love and honor. Recently I had a business meeting at my home. I provided lunch, I placed the platters on the table, sat down and waited for the three men having lunch with me to serve themselves. Without hesitation each of these men did not move, they waited for me to serve myself first. They did not think about it, it was their nature, to serve the feminine. To serve and protect. In order for this to so proceed, in order for each man to come free, it is time to reach towards, find ways to heal with your fathers, your grandfathers, your brothers, your uncles. Into the ultimate release, forgiveness of yourselves.

Release your sorrows about your lives into the hearts of your fathers both in this world and in spirit. Release your sorrows of war, loss, and pressure now into the hands of the greatest father of all. The heavens.

The rising of the great father within each man shall be the final rising, like a fine mist rising off of the great mother. This rising is the rising of the hidden heavens that have been lying dormant in the heart of earth.

Finally, the heavens (which have always been on earth) will “come” to earth. Awakening the magma in the earth. Out of this magnificent phenomena there will be the birth of a new form of angel which shall spread its wings over our world heralding in what has been so promised.

This promise is the love of the world, the love of the heavens. Men and women walking side by side as the ones of great humble love and authority bringing to this reality “heaven on earth.”

In humble service I am ~ Amaya Victoria

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