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White Buffalo Calf

My Friends the below information was written in May of 2012. It is information in response to the murder of the White Buffalo Calf, two days before his first birthday. And then the consequential slaying of his mother several days later, the Lakota people had a prophecy from generations before of the birthing of a white buffalo calf that would signal the heralding in of the great times. These great times are going to occur in any case, no matter that this calf was killed. It is but this action of what appears to be destructive that had many of us in the spiritual communities thinking about mankind, the human condition, and the belief that everything happens for a reason and on some level, whether we can see it, or know it, or not, it is always going towards the good.

The first piece of this writing was written by my dear friend and colleague Debra Emmanuel. After she wrote this piece and I saw it, I asked her if I may add to her writing, and she agreed. So my contribution this second piece therefore is to tie up and cause a conclusion for understanding and in this given case about love. No matter what, all things must be expressed as God, and not matter what God is eternal love.

May you enjoy this piece, more so, much more, may this writing get you all to thinking… with deep regard and love… Amaya Victoria


It is critical for us to take a look at news like this from a perspective that transcends the typical third dimensional viewpoint. When I first heard this news, my heart actually hurt and I was brought to tears over my intense sadness in this kind of manifestation of the “old way of mankind” (which is not really all that “kind”!).

If we truly want to live in a world that is based in Love, then we must stop perceiving our world in terms of the apparent “lack of love” that seems to dominate our experiences. What I have come to understand about this seemingly senseless slaying of an innocent Sacred White Buffalo and his mother, is multi-fold:

The birth of Lightening Medicine Cloud just one year ago was a sign of Hope for many people. Hope is intended to be an open door for Trust and Certainty to enter. When we attach to hope making it the destination, rather than simply a necessary part of our journey, and we do not walk through the open door that it creates for us, then over time, it becomes dis-empowering, rather than Empowering. Thus, hope cannot serve our Greater Good when we attach to it over a long-term period. It is intended to serve as a stepping stone on our journey into Certainty of our Oneness with our Creator and All of Life.

The energy of Empowerment and Oneness could no longer be contained in the body of Lightening Medicine Cloud. It needed to be disbursed among the people and that was not happening as long as the people saw him as the symbol of Hope. Now that his energy is free and no longer contained in a physical body, it is free to all people who are willing to move from hope to Empowerment, Trust and Certainty in our ability and our response-ability of resuming our place of Sacred Oneness with all Life. When we respond to death in this manner, then the death is not needless or meaningless. On the contrary is serves a much Greater Purpose and transformative potential than we can even begin to imagine.

The story of White Buffalo Calf Woman and the birth of the White Buffalo in Native American belief, hold the equivalent significance to Mother Mary and the birth of Jesus Christ in Christian belief. Just as in the above scenario, the birth of Christ 2012 years ago was a sign of hope. Likewise, most of humanity at that time did not transcend that hope, moving into Certainty of Oneness with all Life. Those who did were killed by those who could not make that leap and the possibility of transcendence died with them – at least for a while. It is time to reactivate that possibility of transcendence.

Whenever humanity or any individual human being is tested and we pass that test by deepening our understanding of and our ability to embrace our greater connection to our Creator and All of Life, then that test becomes an Initiation into a higher way of thinking and being in this world. Initiations are absolutely necessary to our evolutionary transcendence of the “old ways” into a New Way of living and being in and “as” the vibration of Love, Compassion, Peace and Oneness.

Each of us is once again being challenged to make this leap in our own perception. The Leap into Love is one of the biggest and most rewarding leaps that we will ever take. Let us step to the edge of the proverbial cliff in mutual love and support, hold hands and take this Leap of Faith together and let nothing – especially not fear – get in the way!


It is also necessary to accept, have reverence for and surrender to the tears and the emotions that this type of passing creates. For, when you are feeling the heartache, of a sacred loss or the emotion from what is perceived as a grievous attack, you are moving into and allowing for the heart opening. This is what was has been taught about the teaching and therefore crucifixion of Christ. It is called the Sacred Heart.

So, this stunning and impacting information is to allow for the activation of the Sacred Heart in each being. Who feels for and is impacted by this that would be called a grievous act of violence. In this place of sorrow the activation of the Sacred Heart allows for the turning on the wheel to face the opening of the portal of light. This opening of the portal of light is the Day of December 12, 2012 to December 21, 2012. And as in all sacred acts there must be an initiation process.

This time is to be called the SECOND COMING, what is meant by this is such. The first coming was the times of when Buddha, Christ, Krishna etc made the move over several centuries, made the transition from the non-physical realities into the physical realities. Their deaths are almost inconsequential, except for Christ’s passing for he was the one assigned to take all of the teachings from all of the and his teachers and implant the seeds of creation. So that like a garden blooming these teachings would come to truth in the physical reality.

Meaning, all the Master’s Teachers words were not only teachings, they were the calling of what was to come, their words, their prayers were not only prophecy they were really the energetic templates that needed to be placed into position and then put dormant until 30 years ago. Of course truly the nature of this creation has never been dormant, the teachings have never been dormant, what HAS been dormant is the manifestation of the given reality that is now coming into bloom.

The sacrificing of the White Buffalo Calf to expel to the world all the pure teachings is equal to the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. His crucifixion expelled the collection of teachings that were handed to him, that had been created way before his time. Even before the ancient eastern Indian teachings came into creation. He expelled all the teachings of God’s very breath.

Allow your tears to only go in the purpose to feed the coming of the Sacred Heart. To be the river that brings to the shore the saviors of this world which is each of you.

For the first coming was the seeding in this creation of all the spiritual teachings. The SECOND COMING is now the manifesting, birthing, blooming and flourishing of these said teachings. All the beings hearts now must be cleansed, all the beings minds now must be cleansed. Let the shower begin, let the river flow and let the joy finally be seen and known by all.

Amen and so it is!

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