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Carrying the Mantle Home: The Glory of God in it’s Highest

It is always amazing to me when and how God speaks to us. Here I am sitting in a ice cream parlor on Lincoln Blvd in Venice, Ca. My youngest child, my daughter had flown in several days earlier to spend the Christmas holiday with me. Seeing her during the holidays in itself is a treat, given I see her but twice a year at most.

The sweetness of our time together, each time we are together fills me. I love my daughter beyond measure, and beyond words. I have been blessed with a daughter who is a bigger soul than me. Her path, her way will take her to a place that I can only make way for.

This blog may appear to be a testimonial to my youngest daughter. It is not. I do speak so highly and with deep love for my child, truly her path was deeply set before she arrived here on earth. Yet, I am using her as a kick off place. An place of relationship on which I am going to write about in this blog.

On this day, Christmas Eve day, we sit together talking about many things, in the course of our conversation we begin to speak about her purpose in this world. As I am talking to her about her getting on my shoulders to lift this world upon the holy mantle of life, a vision comes to me, I see there in front of me a rising, a movement of millions of young people, this mass of souls are carrying a mantle. I saw the shape, color and form of this mantle. I felt the weight of the responsibility that these generations that are now marching close behind us are gladly carrying.

I had a complete understanding of how deeply these young people, these children are being driven home. This mantle is a rich color of magma red, heavy, of a velvety texture. With gold inlay stitching in Hebrew and Aramaic. It is of a V shape with lengthy extensions of cloth on both sides of the V so that this mantle may be draped over one’s shoulders with the full V shape hanging down the back and the “arms” long enough to hang over the front of ones chest.

As I watched I saw millions of our young people coming forward and placing this mantle across the back and shoulders of the population extending this mantle to engulf all humanity and its corresponding creations, including earth and the heavens.

I saw waves, generations of young people having been assigned to bring this mantle home.

I understood in that moment and thereafter in magnificent wonder the absolute order of creation.

For many years in my channeling’s Isaiah and the Group would call those who gathered to commune with them the “OXEN” explaining to us that we were the ones tilling the fields, turning the soil, pulling the plows, and throwing out the seeds of creation for rebirth. My generation and the seven generations before and several generations after were assigned this task. I must say I believe we have done a very good job.

All the doors we have opened, all the suffering we have endured, all the paths we have cleared have been for this, for them. They will not have our lives, our way. We have made the way clear for their march home.

There will be some suffering amongst the generations of children to come still, for these ones are finishing up the suffering and bringing all the abuse to a head. Children will still starve, be abused, run the streets for a bit longer. And for these, as for all, we must reverently pray. Yet, there is a population, a mass wave that will balance this, clean up the mess, wash the feet of so many. These ones, these are our children.

These children have been called by many names, Indigo, Star, Rainbow, Crystal yet now it no longer matters. Whatever frequency or name they have come under they are now coming up to task. They are bringing the mantle for all human kind soul. They carry towards us the highest of all laws. The law of Godliness. Where we have been looking is not incorrect for we have been looking within and up.

It is time to add another place to look which is right behind us, here they come these children of light. Dancing, singing, filled with wisdom.

Our job is done, at least this part. I am sure we will be assigned other positions. So let us make way now.

For as it says in Isaiah 11:6, The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the young goat, and the calf and the lion and the fattened calf together; and a little child shall lead them.

I would like to add, unafraid, the children place the mantle on the altar and we can now praise the coming of the Lord forever and ever. Amen.

In greatest humbleness,

~Amaya Victoria

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