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Messages to the World Radio Show Podcast: 7/23/2014

We are souls incarnate in the physical. Why are we here? Both individually and as a collective.

Listen to this amazing podcast with Amaya Victoria and her guest Adelina Pedorza-Zacca that originally aired on July 23, 2014.

Join Amaya and Adelina for a deep discussion which includes respect for our teachers, our higher selves, over souls and the creator. That we are anointed to take our ministry to application in our own lives. Breath is the beginning, middle, and end. How Adelina has developed into the wise teacher she is via her life experience, yoga, learning to control one’s breath, therefore one’s mind. And much more. With great music included!

As always, listen, comment and share!

You can listen to Messages to the World on every Wednesday morning at 11am – 1pm PT.

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